2 New World Class Trains To Cut Travel Time By 20%

This train will run faster than the capital, century, for the first time such facilities will be met


Now in India, world class train is getting ready.


Now in India, world class train is getting ready. These will not only meet the facilities like World Class Train but also reduce travel time. This train will run from the speed of 160Kmph.


Indian Railways is working on the semi-high speed train. By June 2018 it is planning to run on the track. This train will reduce travel time by about 20%. The Integral Coach Factory (ICF) of Chennai is working on this. Initially 16 full air conditioned coaches are being prepared. They will be completed by June 2018.


 2 New World Class Trains To Cut Travel Time By 20%

Train will be 18

These coaches will be provided with world class facility, named after train 18. Such as on-board WiFi. There will be GPS-based Passenger Information System along with Infotainment. The interior is being prepared with LED lighting. This means that you will find a different environment with music, fun, security. It is not currently in any Indian train.


Train 20 coach ready to go


Apart from train 18, coaches are also being made in the name of train 20. They are preparing to launch by 2020. It will also be equipped with world class equipments. Trains 18 and 20 are being prepared under the make in India project. Their cost is half the amount of imported train sets. The train will have an aluminum body at 20. When train 18 has a snannelas steel body. This will be the biggest difference between these two trains.

And what would be special in these trains …


Window glass will be in Modern Look.


Sliding doors and sliding footsteps will occur. This station will automatically open and close upon arrival.


There will be bio-toilets.


Train will run from 18 160Kmph speed. Rajdhani and Shatabdi Express can go up to 150Kmph but their average speed is 90Kmph. There are many restraints on speed in these trains.

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