2100 Police And Force People Will Take Care Of The City

Cantonment made city; 2100 young people will take the management of the city with 5 companies


Asaram’s decision today, possible punishment of at least 10 years, alert in three states


There has been a provision for capital punishment for the misdeeds of minors, and on Wednesday morning, Jodhpur Central Jail will also make the first major decision of the Poxo Act to come under the protection of minors. This verdict will be the life of Asaram who lusted Krishna, who is accused of misbehaving with his own disciple.

Such will be safety


– On Tuesday evening, heavy police force route march from the police line. Through the Bhati intersection, the prison reached the main gate and returned to the police line. DCP (East) Dr. Amandeep Singh Kapoor told that five companies of RAC from other parts of the state including Bikaner, Khairwada and local officials living on duty with them should be able to co-ordinate and become familiar with the area, Area Domination The root march only under the procedure.


– Police have deployed the seizure of 2100 jawans and officers along with 5 companies of RAC to maintain law and order on Wednesday. They include three STF companies. The riot prevention squad, Water Canon and Thunderbolt have also been deployed.


Empty Karaaya Ashram


A case against Asaram and his servants will be decided in the court in jail on Wednesday. For this, the police has made strong security arrangements. Under this, the ashram located in Asaram’s pal was left vacant and left completely. Along with this, the supporters of the rented accommodation in the vicinity of the ashram have also been sent to the police on Monday and asked them to leave for the house. On the other hand, in view of the court in prison and the verdict, the police has sealed the way to the Central Jail on Tuesday night. On Wednesday, only employees in the government office located in the area on duty are allowed to go on duty after going through the scrutiny of the identity card. Apart from this, any person has been completely closed on foot or by vehicle. In such a situation, there is no possibility of any supporters of Asaram going out of jail. Along with this, on Tuesday evening in the city, other security forces including the police took out the route march in the jail and its surrounding areas.

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