From the President to the PM hoisting flag here

January 26 Special: Floating from President to PM, flag made here, 20 per cent increased demand

Today is celebrating the 69th Republic Day throughout the country. This Republic Day is very special in many ways. For the first time 10 countries of ASEAN countries are the major guests. At the same time, the country’s first Dalit President Ramanath Kovind will hoist the national flag on Rajpath.
But do you know that in addition to Rajpath, at the time of flag hosting of the Red Fort, Rashtrapati Bhawan, Parliament House, every government building, our army, where even flags hoisted in Indian Embassies abroad are formed? What are those hands, which make the Tricolor, which is called ‘Aan’, ‘Ban’, ‘of the country?’


From the President to the PM hoisting flag here

Karnataka Khadi Gramodog Joint Union (Federation)

– KKGSS (Federation) secretary Shivanand told in a talk from that KKGSS Khadi and Village Industries is the only authorized authoritative unit of nationalized flag manufacturing unit of the country by the commission.
It is located in the Banerjei area of ​​Hubli city of Karnataka and it is also called Hubli Unit.
-KKGSS was established in November 1957 and it started making Khadi since 1982.
In 2005-06, it got certification from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and started making national flag.
Wherever the national flag is officially used anywhere in the country, this is where the flag is made of supply.
– Flags are also made here for Indian Ambassadors present abroad.
Apart from this, any order can be done through order and courier.

Separate units for making yarn and cloth

– Bag of KKGSS is made from raw cotton of high quality in Bagalkot unit
In Gadankeri, Beloru, Tulsirigiri, the cloth is ready, then the Hubli unit has dye and the remaining process
– Clothing is stronger than jeans
– Only flags made of cotton and khadi
– Thread by hand with machines and charkha

From the table to the Rashtrapati Bhavan till the flags

1- Smallest 6: 4 inch – flag on table in meeting and conference etc.
2- 9: 6 inches-for VVIP cars
3- 18:12 inches- for president’s VVIP aircraft and train
4 – 3: 2 ft – flags visible in the cross bar in the rooms
5 – 5.5: 3 ft – flags on very small public buildings
6- 6: 4 feet – for dead bodies and small government buildings
7-9: 6 ft- Parliament House and Medium Size for Government Buildings
8 – 12: 8 ft – Gun Carriage, Red Fort, for Rashtrapati Bhavan
9- The Largest 21:14 Foot- For Great Buildings

Making the national flag of India is not easy

– BIS does a quality check, returns after defacing
– Each section has a total of 18 times, quality checks, 10 percent are rejection
– Color should not be separated from the shades of color determined by KVIC and BIS
– The saffron, white and green cloth should not be in the length-width even a slight difference
– Ashok Chakra should be printed on the next-last part
– According to the provisions of the Flag Code of India 2002, any type of deficit involving color, size, or yarn in the manufacturing of flag is a serious offense and if this happens, there may be a fine or a jail or both.
– In many stages, the national flag- making thread, knitting of clothes, bleaching and dyeing, printing of the cycle, stitching of all three patios, iron and towing
– Japan’s 30 machines are being used ….


How many people have hard work

– 250 people do work from making yarn to packing flag
– Only 10-20 men, the rest women
– works upto 8-10 hours
– Hubli unit’s daily income is up to 350 rupees daily.
At the same time, women in the Bagalkot Khadi Weaving Center have daily income of Rs 100 only.
The income of these workers has increased by 10 to 20 percent in the last 6 months.

How much earnings every year with flags

– According to Shivanand, flags of 2.5 million rupees were sold in 2016-17.
– The number of flags is approximately 20,000 flags annually, the Republic Day and the Independence Day increases around demand.
– The Supreme Court has increased everybody after getting the permission to flag the demand.
– In comparison to the previous Republic Day this year, the national flag has increased sales up to 20 per cent in 2018.

Other products also makes KKGSS

– The key product of KKGSS is the national flag.
In addition – KKGSS also makes khadi cloth, khadi carpet, khadi bags, khadi caps, khadi bedsheets, soap, hand-made paper and processed honey.

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