4 Para-Swimmer Creates Record By Crossing English Channel In Just 12 Hours.

4 Divisions of India swim the 36 km long record by crossing english channel in just 12 hours


Someone had to face tension, so someone practiced in the lake and got the courage to swim in the sea.


Bhopal / Jaipur / Mumbai 4 young men of India have become the first divyang swimmer of Asia crossing 36 kilometers long English Channel This relay team completed this distance in 12 hours and 26 minutes. Swimmers shared experiences of reaching this point with Bhaskar. When someone got money in front of the money, he demanded to lend his father’s FD, borrow from friends. Someone had to face tension, someone practiced swimming in the lake and raised the courage to cross the English Channel. The team included Satyendra Singh Lohia of Madhya Pradesh, Jagdishchandra Taili of Rajasthan, Chetan Raut of Maharashtra and Rimoh Shah of Bengal.


Chetan had no money to go to London


Chetan Raut (24) living in Amravati, is up to 50% with his right foot. Chetan said, “Father was a peon in school, he sent me to Pune for swimming.His life died in the accident two years ago, after which there was no money till I reached London to cross the English Channel. For the sake of my father’s FD, I borrowed from friends and relatives, the rest of the team also raised money with crowd funding and other methods, even then the money was not complete. Ata Trust has raised 60 per cent of the event. Today the whole I’m glad I dream of the Father. ”


Satyendra had used to taunt everyone since childhood

Satyendra (31), living in Gwalior, said, “Due to being Divya, he used to be taunted from his childhood. But this got strength from the village and started swimming in Basali river of the village. In April 2017, I had expressed the desire to cross the English Channel with the sports department of Madhya Pradesh in Madhya Pradesh. Officers laughed at Bhopal’s big pond to swim across Was given. ” Satyendra is up to 65% of his legs.


Jagdish Swami learned swimming by swimming in the lake

Jagdish Chandra Tali (34) said, “I started swimming with Rajsamand Lake. Father is a farmer. Swiming also went to different places to take care of Mumbai. Crossing the English Channel, 60 percent of the journey was easily crossed, but again due to rising waves in the sea, it took 3 hours for one hour to travel. The waves also tried to wander from the way, but we did not stop. One place jelly fish also cut. Despite this, the team’s courage was not broken. “Jagdish is 55% Divya with left foot.


Rimo also spent one time eating

Rimoh Shah, 27, living in Howrah of West Bengal, (27) is 55% Divya with left leg. He said, “The journey to reach is full of challenges for me, the father’s business has sunk and the money is over.” It was such a time when we used to eat once a day but parents dared Not lost and always motivated me to move forward. ”

For the swimmers, Everest is like the English Channel: Rimo said, “Crossing the English Channel is the dream of every swimmer, for them it is not less than the Everest, for 10 to 12 degrees Celsius, the waves of sea waves. Moving forward happens in the same way as a mountaineer climbs on the mountain of snow. This success gives us a sense of victory in battle. ”

Crossed the English Channel

In this relay swimming, four swimmers completed a total of 36 kilometers. According to the rules, every swimmer had to swim for one hour and after that, 3 other swimmers swim for an hour or so by their innings. This campaign started by Jagadischandra Talei of Rajasthan. After that, the second number was Chetan Raut of Maharashtra, Rimoh Shah of the third number Bengal and Satyendra of Madhya Pradesh. The English Channel is part of the Atlantic Ocean, which separates southern England from northern France and connects the North Sea to the Atlantic. Its length is 560 km, but its standard distance to swim is about 35 kilometers. Swimmers may have to swim more than it with waves.

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