Mohammad Shami Wife Reveals About Her Husband Having Relation With Another Woman

Shami was shocked by the allegations of BCCI, Central Contract List


A total of four grades have been created by adding a new grade to the new grading system. While they were three in the last year.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has announced the new contract system for Indian cricketers. In this new system, Team India’s fast bowling player Shami has not been included. On Shami recently, his wife accused him of being assaulted and attempting to kill him as he had an extra-marital affair. After that, the BCCI also put them out of their annual Players’ Contract List with a strong jolt. Until last year, they were in the Grade-B list of the Board and they got Rs 1 crore annually. In the controversy over Wife …


– Shami’s Wife Haseen, who shared some photos of Shami and some screen shot of his mobile on his Facebook account on Tuesday, made several sensational allegations on Hasaband.


According to the charges of Haseen where many Shami’s girls have extra-marital affair and illegitimate relations, many of them are also foreigners. Where Shami says, wherever he goes, he creates a relation with new girls.


– To prove his point, Hasin allegedly shared some photos and screenshots of Shami’s mobile. There are screen shots of chat with girls. In which obscene things are said.


Besides this, Haseen, in an interview given to a news channel, also accused Shami and his family about trying to kill them with domestic violence and life.


Haseen is also accused of planting


According to Haseen, “All the people in the family torture me and Shami’s mother and her brother also do mischief with me. Many times these harassment runs from two to three in the morning. These people have tried to kill me. ‘
According to Shami’s wife, Shami has persecuted me and beat me even after returning from the South Africa tour recently. They are doing this for a long time. ‘


He said, ‘I have given Shami plenty of time to repair my mistake but instead of improving, they take their anger away from me and they constantly threaten me to remain silent to maintain their image.’


According to Haseen, “I tried to handle myself for my family and child, but I am tired of seeing Shami’s porn messages and photos with many women and I have decided to fight the legal battle now.”


‘Girls’ invite to video calling while bathing’


In a conversation with the news channel, Haseen said, “Wherever the match is done, she (Shami) calls the girls. Then she asks the girls to take a bath while taking a bath. ‘


– ‘Shami runs BMW. Under his seat, 4 condoms were found. She went to Dubai. There were also girls in the room. ‘


Shami told the allegations false


– On the other hand, this Indian bowler has described the allegations of his wife as a totally false and conspiracy against him. He gave his reaction on Twitter account.


– Shami tweeted, “Hi, I am Mohammad Shami. All this news is about our personal life, it is all a lie. This is a big conspiracy against us and it is trying to defame me and spoil my game.


– Tell us that Shami is currently playing for India-A in the Godhra Trophy. He has played 30 Tests, 7 T20 and 50 ODIs from India.

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