4g Speed In India Slower Than Pakistan Sri Lanka And Myanmar Says Opensignal Report

India’s speed of 4G only 6.1 Mbps, Pakistan-Sri Lanka and Myanmar ahead of us: Open Signal Report


According to Expert, India’s telecom policy is quite confusing, while it is clear in overseas.


The 4G LTE internet speed in India is just 6.1 Mbps, which is less than half of the world’s average speed. The average speed of 4G LTE in the world is 17 Mbps, but India’s speed is much lower than Pakistan, Sri Lanka. This information was given by the US speed tester Open Signal in its latest report. According to the report, Pakistan has 4G speed of 13.56 Mbps, while Sri Lanka has 13.95 Mbps and Myanmar 15.56 Mbps.


India’s speed is less than one-third of global speed

Open Signal has said in its report that India’s 4G speed is less than one third of the average global average of average (17 Mbps). According to the report, the 4G downloading speed in the US is 16.31 Mbps and 23.11 Mbps in the UK. Whereas in Japan, 4G speed of 25.39 Mbps is available.


In the case of Internet speed, India ranked 109th

At the same time, the US speed tester Ookla has also released a list of 124 countries of the world in Internet Speed, in which India is at 109th. Ookla has prepared this report by testing 2G, 3G and 4G speeds present in the world. According to this report, Internet Downloading Speed ​​in India is only 9.12 Mbps, whereas Global Average is 23.54 Mbps.


This is because India has less Internet speed

According to Telecom Expert, the biggest reason for the low Internet speed in India is the high number of smartphone users. In India, the number of smartphones and internet users is much higher than the rest of the country. At the same time, there are more people living in less area, due to which there is traffic on Signal Strength and Weblog, which impacts on Internet speed.


With this, telecom policy in India is quite confusing. According to Telecom Expert, if a company wants to set up a new tower in India, then there is a lot of limitations for it, whereas in foreign countries it is not so and there is a clearance policy. There is a need to get approval from different authorities for setting up a tower at one place in India.


Apart from all these, in India, the price of spectrum is much higher than in foreign countries, due to which Internet speed in India is still much lower than the rest of the country.


One of the reasons is that in India, all the towers were connected to the microwave, but for the past few years, optical fiber was being used. While the use of optical fiber abroad has been used long ago. The use of optical fiber increases the speed of internet speed, but still there is no use of optical fiber in India.

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