4th International Yoga Day News And Updates

Yoga Day: Modi said in Dehradun – When the forces that break the society dominate, then work to add yoga


India had proposed to declare International Yoga Day on June 21 in UNESCO. In the first yoga day celebrated in 2015


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Yoga on the fourth International Yog Day on the field of Forest Research Center, Dehradun. Here around 50 thousand people have been claimed to do yoga together. Modi also told the importance of yoga. He said that today from Dehradun to Dublin, yoga is adding the whole world. When breaking forces dominate, there is scarcity in society. The person himself breaks from inside. Tension increases in life. This works to add yoga between the scatter.
The Prime Minister said, “We will be proud of our legacy and the world will be proud of us.” The proposal to be accepted in the shortest time in the United Nations is Yoga Day, it is a matter of pride for us. To be associated with any process of nation building, it is necessary for everyone to be healthy, in which Yoga is also a major contributor.


Yoga is enriching life:


Modi said, “Those who are connected with yoga, bring continuity in it and those who are not connected, they also join it. Yoga has brought close proximity between India and the world. Has become one of the most powerful Unifying Forces. It is a pride for all of us that where the rays of the rising sun are reaching, the light is expanding; There are thousands of feet high mountains of Himalayas or a desert heats from the sun, Yoga is enriching life in every situation. ”


Yoga has been adopted by the whole world:


The Prime Minister said, “In today’s invulnerable life, Yoga brings peace to the person by adding the mind, body, intellect and soul, enhances harmony in the society, the society becomes the source of unity of the nation. Everybody in the world, every nation of the world has started to accept Yoga as its own. We are people of Hindustan There is a huge message for them that we are rich in that great tradition. ”


Yoga Health Insurance Passport:


On Wednesday, the Prime Minister shared pictures of the yoga lovers around the world on social media and appreciated them. He said, “Yoga is not just exercise, but it is a style of keeping body tidy. It is a mantra of health insurance passport, fitness and health. Yoga is not just a morning exercise. Routine and full awareness is also Yoga. ”


Yoga Day: Celebrating Yoga Day on 4 Naval Warships:


Naval warships INS Sahyadri, present in the airspace of the US, made naval exercises with yoga. Similarly, INS Virat, INS Jyothi present in the Bay of Bengal and the INS Jamuna present in the Arabian Sea, the Navy added. The ITBP jawans set up Yogas in the Himalayas between the snowy mountains and between the water flowing through the Digro river in Lohitpur of Arunachal.

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