Generate Your Own UAN, Up To The Retirement Benefits

If you have applied for the job, then generate your own UAN, up to the retirement benefits.


Those already employed can also generate their UAN if needed.


f you are searching for a job then you can generate your own Universal Account Number ie UAN. The Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) is offering this facility. However, for this it is necessary to link to your mobile number base. Without this UAN can not be generated. You can give these numbers to the company yourself after joining the job. Your PF account will link to this same UAN. Apart from this, people already employed can also generate their UAN if needed.


How can UAN generate?

Five Steps are required for this. After completing these processes, you will have your Universal Account Number i.e. the UAN.


1) First of all you go to the EPFO’s member Portal through the link. Click on Direct UAN Alotement here.


2) When you click on the screen, you will need to enter your base number. Then click Generate OTP (One Time Password). OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.


3) Entering OTP and Excluding Disclaimer will show you the submit button. Click on the submit button to proceed.


4) Clicking on the submit button will be displayed on the screen, whatever your data feed will be based on your base, like your name, father’s name and date of birth. Now you can give the second details requested on the screen by verifying this data. After this, after entering the captcha and exclamation of the disclaimer, click on the register button.


5) With the click of the register button you will be aligned to the UAN. Its message will appear on screen.

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