A Unique Initiative Against Dowry

A Unique Initiative Against Dowry: Fathers printed in the card of marriage of Ladali Bitia; Written – Do not drink alcohol


The effect of the initiative for dowry captive and liquor ban in the marriage of girls.


The dowry ban has begun in the Gujjar society so that the society is ready for the departure of Bitia without dowry. It started with a father from his daughter’s marriage. According to the information, the father’s name is Indra Singh Gurjar and he is not giving any dowry in his daughter’s marriage, the proof is that it is a printed card for Bitia’s wedding. Wedding on June 20.


– In the card of the wedding of Puja, there is a complete mention of the expenditure set by Saint Hari Giri Maharaj. It has been said that Pandit ji will be given a dakshina of 1100 rupees for the marriage. Apart from this, the plate is being offered Rs 5100, Lagun 1100 rupees, Door 1100 rupees, Bhat Rs 5100, Issue Mala 10 rupees, Vaccine 50 rupees, Pan-1100 rupees and five utensils and coolers, cupboards, bed covers.


– Only 100 Barrates will be honored in the procession. Father said that his daughter Pita is married on 20th June, with Attar Singh Gurjar.


Request not to drink alcohol and attend the ceremony


– Not only does the dowry ban is mentioned on the wedding card, but the effect of alcoholism is also seen. The note clearly states on the card that no person drink alcohol and do not come to the wedding ceremony.


– It is mentioned in this note given in the card that this order is from Sant Hari Giri Maharaj. The girl’s uncle told that liquor ban in society has already been done and now dowry captive is also being followed. All this has happened by the grace of the saint.


Appealed to save daughter


– Pooja marriage marriage is also appealing to give daughter daughter-daughter-daughter education. In a part of the card, save the daughter-daughter-daughter and do not dare to take dowry or give a dowry that has been appealed. Apart from this, the slogan printed on a wedding card is expressing everything.


Slogan is something like this –


“मृत्यु भोज और माला छूटी, खाना छूटा मेज पे। बाजे छूटे दारू छूटी, अब की चोट दहेज पे।।”


A Unique Initiative Against Dowry


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