Actor Irrfan Khan Suffered From Brain Tumor

Is Irfan Khan a brain tumor? : These are 5 signs of tumor, do not forget to ignore


In media reports, Bollywood actor Irfan Khan is said to have a brain tumor.


In media reports, Bollywood actor Irfan Khan is said to have a brain tumor. However, it is not confirmed whether Irfan has been brain tumor or not. There is no confirmation from Irfan’s family and doctor about this. This news is being increasingly viral, that Irfan is known as Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) Grade-4. According to doctors, it is called ‘Death on Diagnosis’. Among all these we are telling you what are the signs of brain tumor. If the treatment is started in time, then life can be cured.


Brain tumors occur in many shapes and sizes, and their symmett is similar. Theodore Schwartz, MD of Neurosurgeon, says that the signs depend on the tumor’s location. For example, if you are very close to the tumor brain then it will affect your arm and eyeshadow. If you are in the other side, you will get pain in the joint as you look dull. But according to the doctors, there are some common chemicals which can be identified by this dangerous disease.


Such is the brain tumor

Cells formed in the body are destroyed after some time and their place becomes new cells. This is a simple process. When this process is interrupted, then tumor cells begin to grow. Tumors can be caused by many reasons. This disease is associated with the infection of a particular type of virus, after breathing of polluted substances and moving inside the body, these cells gather and form tissues. These cells do not die and hence the tumor increases even over time. In the area of ​​the brain that is formed in the tumor, the process of working in that area is interrupted.


Abruptness of any part

Any part of the body or face is suddenly numbed. This happens when there is a tumor on any part of the brain.


Different dizziness

The first sign of any type of brain tumor is Caesar. Suddenly, lightning flows in the brain and dizziness. It can sometimes clutter the whole body, and sometimes it may take shocks, then it can suddenly bend or turn off the body.



According to Dr. Schwartz, much more explanation can not be made about signals such as vomiting or stagnation. But this is one of Tumor’s signals.


Do not miss things

If you are forgetting which key you have to do. If you do not remember the stairs and you are having trouble remembering your balance then it is time to get this alert.


Vision change

Blur or double vision or less visible is also a sign of brain tumor. There is a problem in speaking and swallowing. Doctor consult with Facial Expression change.

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