Air China Flight Diverted After Man Holds Attendant Hostage

China: Traveler made hostage hostage by fountain pens, made emergency landing


According to the Civil Aviation Administration of China, all passenger and crew are safe.


On Air China’s flight Sunday, a passenger made hostage hostage to the air hostess on the fountain pen. After this, the employees took control of the plane after the Emergency landing of Plane at Zhengzhou Airport in Central China. Flight flew to Beijing from Changsha in Hunan province. According to the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the accused traveler has done this to threaten the crew. Investigation agencies are interrogating him.


The cause of threatening the crew did not come out.


According to the news agency, Air China’s Flight Number 1350 took takeoff from Changsha at 8.40 in the morning. It was to reach Beijing at 11 o’clock. At the same time, a passenger hosted the air hostess.


However, the flight was landed at Zhengzhou Airport due to the employees’ understanding. Earlier the security arrangements were tightened here. Agencies overcome the mortgage crisis by overcoming the accused passenger. All passenger flights are safe.


Occupation in Business Class


– A passenger riding in this flight told that the incident happened in the business class. The doors that separate it from the economy class were closed. For this reason nobody knows what is happening inside.


– When some passengers jumped out of the window, heavy police force equipped with weapons was deployed at the airport. They were also seen with fire engines and ambulances.

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