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Who, when, how, will JEE, NEET, NET Entrance exams? Understand New Arrangement With 10 Questions And Answers


So far these examinations were done by CBSE and only once in a year.


HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar on Saturday said that the next session (2018-19) will be conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) on the JEE Mains, Neat, Net, Cement and Jeepat examinations. With this, JEE Mains and Neat examinations will be held twice a year from now. So far these examinations were done by CBSE and only once in a year.


They said that all these exams will be computer-based online so that such incidents like paper leaks can be stopped. This decision of the government is expected to improve the higher education and it will benefit 40 lakh students across the country. After this decision, the students will have many questions in their minds, whose answers we are going to tell you.


Question 1. Why the NTA in place of CBSE?

Answer: Actually, JEE and NET exams were CBSE based on curriculum. In this case, CBSE board students did not have much difficulty, but students of the State Board and other boards had to buy books separately to crack their exams. Now the NTA will design the paper keeping all the board in mind.


Question 2. Why did you need to do two examinations in a year?

Answer: In the year, the decision to take two and JEE examinations twice was taken so that the students got equal opportunity. So far these examinations were done with the 12th board exams, due to which it was difficult for the students to focus on both examinations at one go, but because of being twice, the students could focus on one exam at a time .


Question 3. Can both of them be included in the examination?

Answer: Yes, if students wish, they can join these exams both times.


Question 4. How will the score count if two joins?

Answer: Prakash Javdekar said that the score of the students who take the examination twice will count only the best score from both of their scores. This means for the first time, if the score is low for the first time and scores more in the second, then the score for the second time will be counted.


Question 5. Will there be a change in syllabus and format?

Answer: No, Javadekar has said that there will be no change in the syllabus and format of examinations. However, there may be a slight variation in the pattern.


Question 6. Will JEE Advanced examination be done twice and who will do it?

Answer: No, JEE Advanced examination will be done only once a year after the 12th Board examination. This examination will be done on behalf of IIT.


Question 7. Now, when will be good and JEE Main exam?

Answer: NET’s examination will take place from 2019 to February and May, while the JEE Main exam will be held in January and April.


Question 8. When were these examinations now?

Answer: So far these examinations happen only once a year. The examinations were held on May 6 this year, while the JEE Main exam was held in April and JEE Advanced exam was on May 20.


Question 9. The examination of Cmat and Jeepat will be twice and who will do it now?

Answer: No, the Common Management Admission Test (CMAAT) and the Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test (GPAT) exam will be held once a year. Both of these exams were so far conducted by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), but from 2019 these examinations will be done by NTA only.


Question 10. What is the NTA and what will be its work?

Answer: NTA’s announcement was made by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in budget 2017-18. It has been set up under the Indian Society Registration Act-1860. This is an autonomous body, which will conduct entrance examinations for higher educational institutions.

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