All You Need To Know About Reliance Jio Phone 2 Faqs

Any SIM can run in the phone 2? 10 special things related to this phone


In Geo Phone 2, RAM, processor, storage and OS are given the same, which was given in the old live phone.


In the 41st Annual General Meeting of Reliance, Reliance Industries Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani announced the launch of Geo Phone 2. The price of this phone is Rs 2,999, whose sale will begin on August 15. Last year, in the general meeting, the company had launched the world’s first feature phone to support 4G VoLTE, but this phone was supported by a single SIM whereas the Geo Phone is a phone that supports 2 dual SIMs.


In addition to being a dual SIM support, the first question comes whether a SIM operator can be used in addition to Geo in this phone. Along with this, many other questions come to mind so we are going to tell you that only answer 10 such questions related to phone 2.


Question 1: Whatsapp will run in Geo Phone 2, so will it be Android?


Answer: No, live phone 2 will work only on Kaios and it will not be Android. However, apps like YouTube, Facebook and Whatsapp will work in this phone and this app will also be available in the phone that was launched last year. These three apps will be pre-installed in Geo Phone 2.


Question 2: What do you have to run Whatsapp, Facebook and YouTube in the Geo Phone with Rs 1500?

Answer: The company has said clearly that YouTube, Whatsapp and Facebook will support all the three apps in the old live phone from August 15. Patch will be sent on behalf of the company, which will need to be updated. After that these apps can be downloaded from the My Geo app store.


Question 3: Will the SIM of second operator support in the phone 2?

Answer: No, in Geo Phone 2, only Geo Sim will support. However, nothing has been said from the company regarding this.


Question 4: Will it have to buy a new live SIM card?

Answer: No, live phone 2 does not need to buy a new live SIM card. If you have an old live SIM card, then it can be used in this.


Question 5: What is a voice assistant in Geo Phone 2?

Answer: Geo Phone 2 will also come with a Voice Assistant, which is developed by Reliance Geo.


Question 6: The old live phone, so what will be the right to buy live phone 2?

Answer: If there is an old live phone, then there is no point in buying live phone 2. Yes, but if you want to use a dual SIM feature phone and a QWERTY keypad, then it’s OK. But there is no extras except in the Geo Phone 2 screen size, QWERTY keypad and Dual SIM.


Question 7: Which phone will get Rs 501 under monsoon ruckus offer?

Answer: The monsoon offer presented by Geo is only for the Rs 1500 live phone. Under this offer, the feature phones of any brand can buy exchange for just 501 rupees. However, Geo Phone 2 can be purchased at Rs 2,999.


Question 8: When will the monsoon commotion offer start?

Answer: Monsoon ruckus offers will start from July 21 and the benefit can be taken from the Geo Store.


Question 9: Geo Phone 2, better than the last phone launched last year?

Answer: Now, nothing can be said about this, but the processor, RAM, storage, OS in Geo Phone 2 has been all given only in the Rs 1500 live phone. It can be estimated that there is hardly any difference in the performance of the live phone 2 and older live phone.


Question 10: What will the hotspot get in the phone 2?

Answer: No, even in Phone 2, the company has not provided the hotspot feature. Although it has Wi-Fi in it.

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