Amazing Health Benefits Of Cloves

Eat every day just 2 cloves, then see it’s great


Ayurvedic Expert Abrar Multani says that Clove is beneficial for people of all ages in every season.


Cloves are used as a very useful spice, mouth freshener and a wonderful medicine. A special kind of flavor in cloves is due to the ingredient Eugenol, which produces a special kind of odor in it.

According to Expert

Ayurvedic Expert Abrar Multani says that cloves are beneficial for people of all ages in every season. Its used part is its floral, which is used for drying. Ayurveda is called clove which is used for problems related to throat, lung, cervical and sex. Clove oil is hot enough and for this reason it should be used very carefully.


If you get used to eating two cloves, you will get many benefits. Let’s know about them.


  • Cloves are very effective to cure cough and smelly breath. Regular use of cloves is rid of these problems. You can take cloves after eating it.
  • There is also the virtue of reducing brain stress in cloves you can get rid of stress with it with honey.
  • Combining clove with Shahd, it is better to cure cold coughs by using two to three times a day.
  • If you eat cloves, skin-related problems like acne, blackheads, and white heads begin to finish.
  • Washing hair with clove water gives hair conditioning and they soften soft out shine.

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