Anant Ambani Engaged With Radhika Merchant Is Totally FAKE News

Who are Radhika merchant? With whom picture of Mukesh Ambani’s son was viral


The news of the engagement of Mukesh Ambani’s younger son Anant, spread quickly on social media, came out false.


Mookesh Ambani’s younger son, Anant, has been in the news since time immemorial. Actually, a photo of Radhika Merchant, with a girl, is getting viral. After which the rumor that both of them have engaged. But Reliance Jio spokesperson Sanjay Pandey talked about this news, so they throw it out completely. However, he has also said that both know each other and have good friends. Even if the news of the engagement turns out to be false. But now people are interested in who is Radhika Merchant? Isha-Shloka did ‘Ghumar Dance’.


– Let’s say that a week ago Anand’s son Anand was married to Mukesh Ambani’s daughter Isha and son of Piramal Group owner Ajay Piramal. In this happiness, Mukesh Ambani had thrown a lavish party in Antilla.


– After the party, videos of several dance programs of the Ambani family were revealed. In one of them, Radhika Merchant, Anita Ambani’s sister Isha Ambani and her brother-in-law, Shloka Mehta, performed dance performances on the song ‘Padmavati’. Radhika, Veren is the merchant’s daughter.


Who is the merchant’s family?


– born January 16, 1967, is a non executive director of Veren Merchant ADF Foods Limited. In addition, ‘Encore Healthcare Private Limited’ is also the CEO and Vice Chairman of the company.


– Their family is called Kachhi Bhatia family. These are basically resident of Kutch (Gujarat). However, the family now lives in Mumbai.


– Viren’s father Ajit Kumar Govarddas Merchant (Khatau) also became a successful businessman from ordinary trader like Dhirubhai Ambani. In the family of Viren, wife Shaila, daughter Anjali and Radhika.


Many companies have directors and MD Viren

1. Encore Natural Polymers Pvt. Ltd.
2. Encore Polyfrac Products Pvt. Ltd.
3. ZYG Pharma Pvt Ltd
4. Business Business Centers Pvt. Ltd.
5. Encore Business Centers Private (Business Service) Limited
6. Encore is a partner in Business Centers LLP.
7. Encore Health Care International Pvt. Ltd. (Health-Social Work)
8. Encore Healthcare Private Limited


Wife is also in business

Veren is the director of Merchant’s wife Shaila Encore Private Limited. Betty Anjali is also the director in this company.


Start of such a business

– In 1954, during a trip to the Govarddas Jamnadas ship, the Italian partner passenger took information about the polymer company.


– After three years of research in Europe, he returned home. Then in 1957, Mumbai started the company of Khali maker feeding India’s first animal.


– Cesalpinia Group was supported for its establishment. In 1974, Ahmedabad launched its second unit in Naroda.


– As the demand for foreign product increased, in 1978, Rajasthan started the third company in Jodhpur. However, the Mumbai company had to close in 1992. In 1998, Ajit Kumar Govarddas split the company’s small companies. It included Encore Natural Polymer Company. In this group, the new company Encore Healthcare was started in Aurangabad. Whom Vernon handles merchants

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