Benefits Of Rudraksha, Rudraksha Good Effects

According to the zodiac, can Rudraksh shine your fate?


From Aries to Pisces, Rudraksh is different for everyone, lucky, know how to wear Rudraksha.


According to Shiv Puran, Rudraksha has originated from Shiva’s ancestors. Mahadev gets blessings from wearing Rudraksha and troubles are far away. The person who holds it, that negativity does not dominate. According to Ujjain’s astrologer P. Dayanand Shastri, different Rudrakshs are lucky for all 12 zodiac signs.

Here’s auspicious Rudraksha from Aries to Pisces …


1. The lord of the aries is the planet Mars. People of this zodiac should hold three face Rudraksha.

2. Planet Venus is the owner of the taurus. For this people, six face rudraksha is more beneficial.

3. The lord of the gemini is Mercury of the planet. For them, four face rudraksha is beneficial.

4. Lord Chandra is the lord of the cancer. For this zodiac, two face rudraksha is considered to be the best.

5. The owner of the Leo is the planet Sun. For this zodiac one or twelve face Rudraksha is the best.

6. Virgo is the planet of Mercury? For this zodiac, four face rudraksha is beneficial.

7. The lord of the zodiac Libra is a  Venus. For the Libra zodiac, the six-face Rudraksh and thirah Mukhi Rudraksha are beneficial.

8. The lord of the zodiac scorpius is Mars. For them the three face rudraksha is considered to be the best.

9. The lord of the Sagittarius is the planet Guru i.e. Jupiter. For this zodiac five Mukhi Rudrakshas are auspicious.

10. The master planet of the capricornus is Saturn. These people should hold seven or fourteen face Rudraksh.

11. The lord of the aquarius is the planet Saturn. For aquarius, seven or fourteen face rudraksha is the best.

12. For the Pisces zodiac people, the five face Rudraksha is the best.

How to hold rudraksh

If you want to wear Rudraksha, bring auspicious Rudraksh for any amount of your auspicious auspicious time or on Monday. After this, sanctify Rudraksh in a Shiva temple with raw milk, Panchgavya, Panchamrita or Gangajal. Worship with oats, saffron, sandalwood, sun-lamp, flowers etc. Shiva mantra: OM Namah: Add more than 108 times. In red thread, thread should be held in gold or silver wire.

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