Bhayyuji Maharaj Last Rites Performed By Daughter Kuhu

Daughter of Dheeva Maharaj did not give up, at the time of funeral, was not present, second wife


Bhayyu Maharaj had committed suicide by shooting himself at his house on Tuesday afternoon.


Bhayyu Maharaj was cremated at the Bhagora Crematorium Ghat on Wednesday evening at 3.45 pm His daughter, Quhu, gave him a kiss. During his last rites at the Vishram Ghat, his second wife Dr. Ayushy was not present. Before this, Parthiv’s body was kept in his Sunrise Ashram at Bapat intersection for his last visit. Bhayyu Maharaj had committed suicide by shooting at his Spring Valley residence on Tuesday afternoon.


Many people who came to pay tribute


– Union Minister Ramdas Athawale, Minister Pankaja Munde, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis OSD Shrikant, Minister of State in Madhya Pradesh, Computer Minister Baba paid tribute to Bhaiyu Maharaj.


No minister of Madhya Pradesh government reached


– The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh had come to pay homage tribute to the death of the first wife of Shivraj Vayyu Mahar on. However, he did not come to Bhomori Ghat on Wednesday or any minister of his cabinet.


– Bhaiyu Maharaj had snatched Narendra Modi’s fast and fasted Anna Hazare’s fast. But, he or his representative did not come here. Bhayyu Maharaj was considered close to Vilasrao Deshmukh too. However, none of his representatives could be reached here.


Distances seen in wife and daughter


– In the Ashram of Dheayu Maharaj, wife Ayushi and daughter Quhu came in one cart, but during this time the two looked at each other. Qahu also said that due to Dr. Ayushy, the father had taken these steps. On the other hand, wife Ayushi had said that I did not like the kahu, but with Guruji I was living well.


In the suicide note, mentioning responsibility of Sawant Vinayak


– In the suicide note given to the police, Dheyu Maharaj has said that the responsibility of handing over all responsibility to his service officer Vinayak. It is also being suggested that daughter Kuhoo can take the ashram’s responsibility. They have been involved in the ashram programs before.


– Vinayak came in contact with Vayyu Maharaj about 20 years ago. Since then, the devotee has entrusted the work of the ashram and all the household works. He was rated as a member of the house.


The daughter’s room was cleaned, the room was self-harming


– Fayhu Maharaj shot himself with a revolver on Tuesday afternoon and sued for suicide. Initial investigations have revealed that they took these steps due to family dispute.


– When this incident took place, Bhayyu Maharaj was in his daughter Kuhu’s room. It was on his way to Indore on Tuesday and Bhayyu Maharaj had cleaned his room in the morning. At the time of the incident, his mother, Sevak Vinayak and Yogesh were at home. Wife Dr. Ayushy went out.

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