Buddha Jayanti On 30 April

10 places: Buddha was born in Lumbini, was found Knowledge in Bodh Gaya


The festival of Buddha Jayanti is celebrated in the full moon of Vaisakh. This time it is on 30th April.


Where Gautam Buddha went during his lifetime, those places became a Buddhist pilgrimage. On the occasion of Buddha Jayanti (April 30, Monday), we are telling you some such places, which are called Buddhist pilgrimages –


1. Lumbini

Lumbini is a village known as Ruminodei, which is 14 miles from the Kikraah village of Uttar Pradesh and a few miles away from the Nepal-India border, which is famous as the birthplace of Gautama Buddha.


2. Bodhgaya

This place is located in Bihar’s main Hindu Father’s Tirtha ‘Gaya’. Gaya is a district. At this place, Buddha received knowledge under a tree.


3. Sarnath

This place is located near Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, where Buddha gave his first preaching after acquiring knowledge. From here he started the spinning wheel.


4. Kushinagar

Mahaparinirvan (salvation) of Mahatma Buddha was held in this place located in Deoria district of Uttar Pradesh. In ancient times, Kushinagar is a place called Kasiya in Gorakhpur district. Here, one of the eight stupas of Buddha is made up of stupas, where Buddha’s bones were placed.


5. Shravasti stupa

Saileth-Mahehe village, 12 miles west of Balrampur station, situated on the Gorakhpur-Gonda line of the North Eastern Railway is the ancient Shravasti. Buddha had lived in Shravasti for a long time. Now there is a Buddhist hospice and there is also a Buddhist monastery and a temple of Lord Buddha.


6. Sanchi Stupa

Sanchi station is 28 miles from Bhopal. There are several Buddhist stupas in which the height of one is 42 feet. There are 8 Buddhist stupas with 5 mile of gold from Sanchi and 7 Buddhist stupas near Bhojpur on 7 miles from Sanchi.


7. Champaner (Pavagadh)

Champaner Station is 23 miles ahead of Gujarat’s Baroda. There is a Pavagadh station on 12 miles from here. There are famous Buddhist stupas in Pavagadh, where the bones of Lord Buddha are kept. It is one of eight major stupas.


8. Peshawar

This place is in Pakistan, which was called Manpur in Buddhist period. Below the largest and tall stupa, Buddha’s bones of God Buddha were excavated.


9. Bamiyan

The Bamiyan region in Afghanistan was the main center of Buddhist propaganda. It was considered the capital of Buddhism. Here are some of the biggest statues of Lord Buddha still present. The Taliban have broken these statues from the cannon.


10. Nalanda

Buddhist University Nalanda is considered as the oldest university in the country, it is near Patna. Lord Buddha had come to Nalanda many times in his life. This place is not only the knowledge but also the center of various arts. In the Archeology Museum in Nalanda, there are statues of goddesses of Buddhism and statues of Lord Buddha.

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