Canadian Pm Justin Trudeau Not Refute Conspiracy Theory In Jaspal Atwal Row

India has deliberately granted Atwal a visa to thwart Tripuda tour: Canadian opposition


Canada’s PM Justin had visited the 7-day India tour with Trudeo Family in the past.


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has not ruled out any conspiracy charges during his last visit to India. In fact, a leader of opposition in Canada claimed a deep conspiracy behind granting a visa to Khalistan supporter Jaspal Atwal. He told the security officers that the Indian government has approved the Atwal’s own visa to foil the trip to Trudeau. Now Trudeau has raised questions on India in a way by supporting opposition leader’s claim. Let us know that Atwal was seen in Trudeau’s event and he got an invitation to Canada’s High Commissioner’s party, but after the dispute it was canceled.

What did Trudeau say?


According to the news agency, Trudo said on conspiracy charges, “When our senior diplomats and security officers are saying something to the citizens of the country, they know that there can be some truth in it.”
He also said, “This was the last conservative government, which tried to create every possible obstruction in the public service.”


Canada has examined the guest list


– According to the Canadian media, India had already refused to grant Visa to the Khalistan supporters before Trudo’s visit to India. At the same time, the Canadian PM’s office had also asked the security agencies to check the list of guest accompanying the PM along with the threat to safety.
– Canada’s Public Safety Minister Ralph Godell has also praised the work of the security agency for this. He had said that the police and the security service have done their job well to check the guest’s list.


What did Trudeau give to clean the Atwal?


Trudo had said on the controversy over calling Atwal a special dinner, “We took this issue seriously, we should not have given any invitations.” As soon as we got the information, Canadian High Commissioner canceled the invitations. A member of the person had called him personally. ”
– The PMO of Canada said, “It is important to make it clear that he (Atwal) was not a part of the official delegation of PM (Trudo), neither he was invited by the Prime Minister’s Office.”


What was shown with Atwal?


– At an event in Mumbai, Atwal was seen with Trudo’s wife Sofia. In another photo he also appeared with Trudeau Minister Amarjit Sohi.
– Controversy arose when the photographs were surfaced, then Canadian MP Randeep S. Sarai took responsibility for convening Atwal in Mumbai’s event.


Who is Jaspal Atwal?


Jaspal Atwal is a supporter of Khalistan. He used to work in the banned International Sikh Youth Federation.
– This organization was declared a terrorist organization by the Canadian government in the early 1980’s.
– Atwal was convicted in the case of former Punjab minister Malkit Singh Sidhu and three others in a 1986 fatal murder in Vancouver Island.
Jaspal was among those four who attacked and attacked Siddhu’s car and attacked the car. However, Sidhu had denied the allegations.
Apart from this, Atwal was also found guilty in an automobile fraud case in 1985.


What is the dispute of Khalistan?


In Punjab, some people in the 1980s demanded to make a separate country named Khalistan. For this, they made anti-India violent agitations. In 1984, the Indian army entered the Golden Temple and took action against the Khalistan supporters there. After this gradually the movement was over.

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