Car Collapsed In Agra Lucknow Expressway

The fighter plane on the Lucknow expressway was lowered, its car slipped into a 50 feet pit


In this accident, the survivors were going to Kannauj after buying a car from Mumbai.


In Uttar Pradesh, the service lane of Agra-Lucknow Expressway was reduced to 50 feet on Wednesday. A car came in its grip. Four people escaped in the car Incident on the Wajidpur bridge in Dauki area of ​​Agra. This expressway was the dream project of the Akhilesh Yadav government. During this inauguration fighter plane was landed here.


Police said that along with their relatives, they were going to Kannauj by buying a second hand indie car from Mumbai. The composer said, “I was driving with the help of Google Map. In the middle of the network, I came to service lane, when I saw a crater on the service lane, I applied the brakes, due to the speed of the speed, the car reached the pit. And then the ground under the car was damaged and we went down 50 feet including the car. ”


13200 crores was ready for highway

Lucknow-Agra Highway was built in record time of 22 months. The cost of 13200 crores was arrived at. However, in recent times cracks have also reached many places on this highway. Local people say that the highway was prepared in haste. Now in many places the soil under the road is blowing.

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