Carving Of Modern Bicycle Found Inside Of A 2000 Year Old Temple Know Its Reality

In an artwork of the Panchvarna temple of Tamil Nadu, a 2000-year-old bicycle, is it really that?


Historian Dr. Kalikovan had said that this temple had been repaired in 1920, that could have been the artwork only then.


On the social media these days a video is being viral, in which a 2000-year-old temple is said to have been artwork. In this figure a person is sitting on a bicycle and it is being claimed that in the West where the bicycle was built in the 18th century, bicycles had already been built in India since 2000 years ago. This video is posted by a person named Praveen Mohan on YouTube.


What is the whole matter?

In fact, about 2000 years old ancient Shiva temple in Tamil Nadu is ‘Panchvarna Swamy Temple’. The artwork of a person sitting on a bicycle in this temple has been made and on the basis of which it is claimed that the bicycle was built in India in 2000 years ago.


Pravin Mohan, who uploaded this video, claims that he has only discovered this figure. He says that in a corner of the temple we searched for this artwork. Historians tell us that the bicycle was discovered in 1800, just 200 years ago. Then how did this figure come out in the 2000 year old temple? ‘


Investigation: Was it really 2000 years ago?

– When we investigated this, we found that there is no concrete evidence that can be claimed that the bicycle was built in India 2000 years ago.


– But historian and archeology expert Dr. R. Kalikovan wrote an article in 2015 about the shape of this bicycle in an English newspaper ‘The Hindu’.


– In this article he had told that he had visited Panchvarna Swamy Temple in Tamil Nadu Tiruchi in 1980. During that time he also saw the figure of the person sitting on the bicycle in the temple. He had written that no historian has done anything about how this figure came to the temple.


– Dr. Kalikovan further wrote that “when he researched this figure, it was discovered that the work of repairing this temple was done in 1920 and it may be that at the same time a sculptor created the artwork of a person sitting on a bicycle. . ‘ He said that the cycle in 1920 was a new thing for the people of India and it may be that due to this the sculptor has made such a shape.


So is this video wrong?

– No, it can not be said that this video is wrong. The video is right that such a figure has been made in that temple, but there is no concrete proof that the artwork has been made 2000 years ago. As Dr. Kalikovan pointed out that this temple had been repaired in 1920 and at the same time such a shape has been made.


When was the bicycle search?

– Germany’s Baron Fawn Davis is called the father of a bicycle, who made a wooden bicycle in 1817 and was named Draisienne (dress). There were no pedals in it and it was dragged by feet only.



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