Chaitra Navratri 2018 : Chaitra Navratri 2018 Jeen Mata Mela

Chaitra navratri 2018 : In the royal dress decorated with special flowers, courtesy of Jeen mata, visiting thousands of devotees


Navaratri was founded on Sunday at the Mother Mansa Mata Temple on the hill of the village.


JeenMata : With the establishment of a decline on Sunday, the birthmata started the famous Lucki fair. To celebrate the birth of a living mother with special flowers from the royal dress and Kathmandu, devotees have begun only since early morning. The priests of Mahendra Pujari, Basheer Pujari, Kishan Pujari, Jugal Pujari and Goddess Chauhan, etc. in the main temple started the fair by establishing duly decreasing establishment. Due to the holiday on Sunday, devotees had to make a lot of efforts to visit the main temple in the afternoon due to a special crowd. Prior to this, the devotees of Lord Buddha were also presenting pilgrims. The devotees also visited the Kajal Shikhar temple located on the Bhanwaramata Temple, Harshnath Temple, and the hill.


Additional Collector Jayprakash and Deputy Superintendent of Police Tejpal Singh took stock of the arrangements in the main temple. On the first day of the new Sanskrasa, in the Lakkhi Mela of the gathering of the people of faith, the process of introduction of various arrangements for innovations and devotees started. Mr. Jeenmata Seva Sangh Surat inaugurated the Free Vehicle Service for the Harshnath Temple with the living queen, with Ravan Pithadishwar Raghavacharya Maharaj duly worshiping Archana.  Arun Khetan, Mukesh Khetan etc. were present during this period. Similarly, free e-rickshaws with the help of Gram Panchayat, Temple Trust and Gram Panchayat have been started for taking elderly, handicapped and helpless passengers coming from the parking lot to the main temple.


Chaitra navratri 2018 : Navaratri was established on Sunday at Mother Mansa Mata Temple, located on the hill of Toda village.


Navaratri in the Mansa Mata Temple located on the hill. The pilgrims reached the temple of Maa Manasa and took the flame. During the establishment of Navratri, the Ghar-Ghar Ghar was established in the vicinity, including the village. Mother Durga was worshiped during this period. During this, worshiping the goddess of Goddess Durga and praying for happiness and prosperity and peace.


Ajitgarh : On Sunday, the day of Navdurga Puja festival was inaugurated under the aegis of Adarsh ​​Cultural Art Service Committee under the jurisdiction of Saint Jivadas in the Shyam Temple on Hanuman Dham with Manasagar well in front of the post office of the town. Pt. Narendra Mishra and Pt Manoj Bharadwaj hosted the hostel, Dr Sunil Viswani, along with wife Shelley Utari of Mother Shailputri. On this occasion hundreds of people including Foo Lachand Saini, Gopal Dhali Dal, Prakash Nauta, Gopal Kumavat, Narendra Bavalia, Sitaram Nagolia, Prahalad Bhanja, Dinesh Sharma were present on the occasion.


Ajitgarh : In the villages of the area including the town, Navaratri was imposed on a house in the house on Sunday. On this occasion, the 9-day fair will be held in the temple of Kali Mata located on nearby hills of Amaras.Nangal (Nathusar). Chaitra Navratri was inaugurated with the establishment of Nangal’s Bhagvatidham Bhagwati temple. Maharaj Bhairolal Mishra inaugurated the Navratri in Bhagwatidham and started Navaratri in the morning. On this occasion, the statue of the mother was decorated, Navratri started in Durga Temple Nangal. There was a rush of temples and the program was organized on the launch of Navasvantsar and the opening of Navaratri.

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