Cheapest Jeans Buy From Manufacturer

Shirt in jeans and Rs. 100 in less than Rs. 150, here is the cheapest market in India.


In a shop or showroom, you get close to 1000 rupees, it gets here only 150 rupees.


There are wholesale markets of clothing in many cities of India. Buying these market clothes earns a margin of between Rs. 50 to 100. One such market is in Gandhi Nagar on Subhash Road in Delhi. This is one of the cheapest markets in India. Here jeans, shirts and T-shirts are sold in bulk. Not only this, the jeans that get close to 1000 rupees in a shop or showroom, they can be found here only in 150 rupees.



Shopkeepers make clothes themselves


Here, most shopkeepers are those who have set up a jeans and shirt manufacturing factory.

They prepare different types of jeans and designs. There is a lot of variety in this too.

Because shopkeepers themselves make clothes, due to this, they are able to sell cheaper jeans and shirts.

– In the shopkeepers named Bhagat Ji Garments, jeans start from Rs 150, which is a cell at double the price in the second market.

– Here, the best quality of the genre is found in the Rs. 250 in the genes.

– This market has to buy 5 or more jeans at least one price.

– Similarly, the price of shirt starts from Rs. 90. It is also necessary to take 5 pieces.


Keep these things in mind

– You are buying jeans, shirts or T-shirts from this market, then it is very important to take care of some things.

– All types of clothes are tied together to pack. It is important that you see them by opening them once.

Sometimes, if you take a single jeans, then there is a difference in their size. Similarly, the color can be deficient in color.

– This is not a fixed price market; in this case, you can also bargain on the wholesale rate.

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