Congress Takes On BJP

Congress joins the government to include incompetent candidates for recruitment


In the third grade teacher recruitment 2016 level 2 (amended), the Congress encroached the government on the disturbance.


Education department has been admitted to the inclusion of ineligible candidates in merit of 3rd grade teacher recruitment 2016 level 2 (Modified). The Congress and the unemployed have attacked the government on this matter. Congress alleges that the BJP government works to hinder every recruitment. He shows only air dreamers to the unemployed, but no one works in their interest. While the unemployed have called it an injustice and have demanded action against the responsible officers. Know and …

In this recruitment merit, those who have less than 60% marks in the writ or ritate also have merit. While this can not happen according to the rules. Not only this, the selection of candidates was done in two to three subjects. This is not even possible.


They say …

– The BJP government has either done the job of stalking recruits or rigging in it. Large fodder has also emerged in the assembly’s recruitment. Now the selection of ineligible candidates in recruitment of third grade teacher has become clear that this government is playing with the future of the unemployed.

– The government does not want any recruitment to be completed and the unemployed can get relief. – Archana Sharma, State Vice President, Congress

– Thousands of candidates are being damaged due to the system disruption of education department. This will be the result of those candidates who can not be included in the merit despite being eligible. Recruitment will again be held in the court. We will challenge this in the court. – Dipendra Sharma, President, Rajasthan Unemployed Union

– The selection of ineligible candidates has become clear that Directorate of Primary Education has not seen the number of uploaded applications with the application. There should be high level of investigation of irregularities in teacher recruitment. – Upen Yadav, Chairman, Rajasthan Unemployed Unified Federation

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