Constable Recruitment Examination Second Inning Paper Appeared First

Constable recruitment exam: Second shift paper divided in first, DGP refuses to accept leak


It was all okay on Saturday, in the examinations in Jaipur, Baran, Kota, Ajmer, Alwar on Sunday


After four months of failing to take online exams, the office of the constable recruited on 14-15 July also went missing from the police headquarters and TCS Company in the offline examination. Quoted in the second innings on Sunday in several cities including Kota, Baran, Jaipur, Ajmer and Alwar, the question paper was distributed in the first innings three hours earlier.


Now the candidate has been reaching the police head quarters for the past five days, calling the paper leak, IG administration Mathur, ADG Rajiv Sharma and DGP OP Galhotra are reaching daily. But no one is willing to answer. These officers, who are responsible for the exams, sometimes say that they are engaged in work, and they stop by saying that they should meet any other official. The special thing is that the paper divided into the first innings was divided into second innings. For this reason the candidates are telling the leak. The codes of the two question papers were different, but the question numbers and questions were the same. However, the police headquarters still do not accept paper leaks.


Therefore leak can not be denied

-The first shift was till 12 noon. It was the second inning after three hours. In this case, the paper was already in the hands of the candidates three hours earlier.


– The internet was off, but broadband services were on. The question papers could easily reach each other before the second innings started through broadband three hours later.


-Colouring questions could also be given to each other questions.


15 lakh applications were made for 13,142 posts

15 lakh candidates applied for the posts of 13,142 posts for the Constable Recruitment Examination. Of these, about 6 lakh on Saturday and 5.50 lakh candidates took part in the examination on Sunday. About 2.70 lakh in the first innings on Sunday and about 2.80 lakh candidates in the second innings took part in the examination. In the first innings, between 10 and 12 a.m. in the morning and the second in the afternoon between 3 pm and 5 pm. It is worth noting that the examination was taken on-line in March, but after the activation of the duplicate gangs it was canceled. Paper did not leak, I’m busy, talk to IG.


Question-answer from DGP OP Galhotra

Q. Has the question paper leaked to the Constable Recruitment Examination?
-It did not happen.


Q. The examinations of both shifts were identical in the examination held on Sunday.
-Where? I’m a little busy Talk to the IG recruitment.


Q. Some candidates have complained and the question paper is with the candidates?
-Ing recruitments will only give more information. I do not know.


I will give full information

Chat with ADG Rajiv Sharma
Q. Constable recruitment exam has taken place, has his paper leaked?
Talk about this from the IG recruitment.


Q. The responsibility is yours too, do they not meet or do not talk?
– Responsibility is ours, but they will be able to give complete information.


IG said – I am busy

Administrator Mathur Question: When the IG recruitment administrator tried to meet Mathur, he refused to meet with the talk of being busy. After this he was called for many calls, but he did not receive the call. Bhaskar wanted to know the message, but no answer came.

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