Continuously Fourth Time European Team Won Fifa World Cup

World Cup will be named for the fourth consecutive time european team, in 36 years 31 out of 40 European teams reached the last 4


Top 10 footballers in this World Cup are from 8 Europeans. The rest are from two South American countries.


The semi-final line-up has been fixed in the Football World Cup. France and Belgium teams will be face-to-face in St Petersburg on July 10, while on 11 July there will be conflicts between England and Croatia teams at the Luzhniki Stadium. However, the result of the semi-finals and final match will be in favor of any team, but it is certain that for the fourth consecutive time, the possession of the World Cup will be for Europe.


In 2002, Brazilian champion was made. Since then, every European team has become the champion. In 2006 Italy, Spain in 2010 and Germany won the World Cup in 2014. This series will also persist in Russia.


Last time two European teams reached the semi-finals

Since 1982, 40 teams have made it to the last 4. Of these 31 are from Europe alone. In the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, there were two Europe (Germany and the Netherlands) and two South America (Argentina and Brazil) from the semi-finals in the World Cup. At the same time, in the last 4 World Cup 2010, 3 (Spain, Netherlands and Germany) from Europe and one from South America (Uruguay) team reached the semi-finals.


European teams have always dominated the World Cup

Of the 40 teams reaching the semifinals in the last 36 years, there are only 8 teams from South America. Only a team from Asia could reach the semi-finals. No team has ever reached the semi-finals from Africa. Talking about the ongoing World Cup in Russia, there were 32 teams out of 32 in the field. That is 44% of the total teams. Of the top 32 teams in the FIFA rankings, 20 are from Europe.


There were 10 European teams out of 16 in the World Cup pre-quarter finals. There were 6 teams out of 8 in the quarter finals, and now there will be four European teams in the semi-finals. In this World Cup, 5 teams played from Africa, but their campaign could not move beyond the group stage. 5 teams from Asia were also participating in the World Cup, but none except Japan could make the pre-quarter final place.

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