Deployment Of Air Force First Three Female Fighter Pilots

Air Force’s first three Woman Fighter pilots, the sky guarding here


All three have been held at Hawk in Kalaikund in West Bengal; Training of the third phase, posted in Uttlai, Suratgarh and Ambala airbase


Jodhpur : Indian Air Force’s first three female fighter pilots have been deployed on the western front. They got an opportunity to guard the sky of the country from the MiG-21 bison on the forward airbase on the adjacent border of Pakistan. Flying Officer Shankar Kant, who had received a fighter pilot commission two years ago in the fighter stream, got posting in Ambala, Flying Officer, Avni Chaturvedi, Suratgarh in Rajasthan and Mohana Singh, Flying Officer, on the landing station of Barmer in the MiG-21 bison squadron on Airbus.


– Air Force spokeswoman Wang Commander Anupam Banerjee says that after the completion of the training of the final phase of the three women pilots of Air Force in Kalaikunda, deployment has been done on the operational airbase as fighter pilot.


– The training of the first phase of the three women pilots has happened in the Air Force Academy in Doindigl, near Hyderabad. Here pilots trainer flight completed 55 hours.


After this, the second phase of training ray in Hakimpeth took place on the plane. After completing 87 to 90 hours of flying in a six-month period, on June 18, 2016, all three were commissioned in the Air Force as Flying Officers.


– For the training of the third phase, they were sent to Bidar Airbase in Karnataka with a batch of 40 pilots. From there the training of Hawks trainer flying was given as the first stage of the third phase.


After this, for the second stage of the third phase, Hawkeye aircraft in West Bengal’s Kalyakunda received training for flying in adverse weather and adverse conditions. Training on Advance Jet Trainer Hawks for about 150 hours here. After completing the training of the third phase, the female pilot has trained for flying up to 250 hours.


– Now they will get the chance to fly the MiG-21 bison in the form of a co-pilot in the country’s first supersonic aircraft.


– As a senior pilot instructor with them, they will train the combat rolls, in which training of fighter planes in the air from the destruction of the enemies’ bases, stacking the enemy in the air, and even with the day. Then they will guard the air borders at night.


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