Do You Know: Ayurvedic Treatment For Kidney Detoxification

These 3 prescriptions will clean all the filth of the kidneys in 1 bar, prepare to do such at home.


This vital organ also needs cleaning, which means detoxification.


Kidney, which is also called a kidney in the language of colloquy, is a vital part of cleansing the body of blood in our body but you hardly know that this important part also requires cleansing, ie detoxification. Dr. Navin Joshi, a well-known Ayurvedic doctor, is telling you some simple solutions that you can clean your kidneys.


Treatment For Kidney Detoxification

Take 4 pinch of asafetida and 2 pinch rock salt together and drink a glass of lukewarm water from above. With this remedy, after cleansing of the kidneys, the ingredients formed in the kidney will get out of the detoxification after making the calculus.


Take a sauce and cardamom powder together in one spoon and remove urinary tract inhibitors and it is helpful to detoxify the kidneys.


Keep the pulse of Kulath in the oven and keep it overnight. Drink a glass of water in the morning and drink it. This remedy will remove all the dirt of the kidney from the urethra.


By mixing equal quantity of cucumber and cucumber seed powder, drinking a glass of lukewarm water from above can also detoxify the kidney.

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