Donations Worth Rs 6.6 Crores Received During Guru Poornima At Sai Temple In Shirdi.

Rs 6.6 crores paid for Gurupurnima at Sai Baba Temple in Shirdi


Lakhs of rupees came in gold and silver in exchange for price


In the temple of Sai Baba in Shirdi, on the occasion of Guruvaryamima, devotees have donated their hearts. According to the information given by the temple administration, on the day of Guruvaryumima, donations amounted to Rs 6 crore 66 lakh. This year, more than one crore rupees has been received over the previous year.


Cash worth 30 crores found in don box

According to the temple administration, on one side where people crooned crores rupees. On the other hand, gold and silver worth millions of rupees came in the offering. Devotees have deposited a cash amount of Rs 3 crore 84 lakhs in the donation box. The temple administration said that, one crore rupees was deposited through online, check and DD. This time the temple has received 11 lakhs 25 thousand rupees in the form of foreign currency. At the same time devotees donated jewelery worth Rs 13.83 lakhs to the temple.

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