Election Of Host Country For 2026 World Cup On 13th June

FIFA 207 member country will vote for the 2026 World Cup on June 13


North America 3 and Africa hosted World Cup 1 time.


FIFA World Cup is being held in Russia from June 14. Before that on 13th of June the FIFA 2026 will select the host country for the World Cup. The World Cup to be held after 8 years will be hosted in North America (jointly with US-Mexico and Canada) and Morocco. For this, 207 member states of FIFA will vote.


North America has hosted three times

– Earlier, North America had hosted three more times in Africa. On the basis of voting on June 13, only any country will be allowed to host the World Cup. Morocco had just released its claim last month. However, FIFA gave it 2.7 points out of 5. But, he is involved in the race based on the finest stadiums and facilities.


– According to the FIFA assessment report, the facility of stadium, accommodation and transportation in North America will be on ‘High Risk’. The United States, Mexico and Canada have jointly hosted the claim of hosting.


Decision to be taken in the interest of football: FIFA


– FIFA official Carlos Cordiro said that he is concerned about the popularity of US president Donald Trump can be a referendum. Which will not be right.


– Cardiro said, “We believe that this decision will be taken only on the basis of merit, this is not a land politics, we are talking about football, only a decision will be taken in the interest of football.”


2022 was missed by hosting the US

– FIFA member countries voted for Australia, Japan, South Korea, America and Qatar, which included hosting for the World Cup 2022. Of which 2 st December 2010 was stamped on the name of Qatar. With 14 points, Qatar was the first and the second with 8 points in the US.


The North American continent first hosted the World Cup in 1970. When Mexico was chosen for it. After that Mexico again in 1986 and America hosted in 1994. At the same time, for the first time in 2010, a World Cup was played in an African country (South Africa).

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