Engineer Groom Refused Rs 20 Lakh Of Dowry In Bihar

The engineer started getting 20 lakhs in dowry, refusing to marry


Civil engineer has denied dowry of Rs 20 lakh and married a girl named Deepika Sinha.


On Saturday night, a civil engineer, Rohit Raj, at a private hotel in the city, refused to pay dowry Rs 20 lakh and married a girl named Deepika Sinha. Rohit is a civil engineer in Devghar while Deepika is a student of mass communication.


Engineer Groom Refused Rs 20 Lakh Of Dowry


Millions of dowry offers after being engineered


– According to Rohit’s family and neighbors, as soon as Rohit became engineered, offers to get married. Bid was also started with this.

– A gentleman also offered dowry of 20 lakhs. But the dowry captive in the province changed the heart of the family.

Rohit’s father Sanjeev Ranjan Verma told that Rohit is his big boy and Mohit Raj Chhota. Mohit is a lawyer in the High Court. They are not daughters, so they have taken the resolution that the bride will bring home as daughter.


Proper arrangement of food for Baramati


– Deepika’s father Pawan Kumar Pankaj, who lives in Jamui, told that he works in a private company in Jamshedpur. They have a son who is engineer in Bangalore. There is only one daughter Deepika.

– When the talk of marriage came and boy party turned down the dowry in marriage, they arranged for the proper arrangement for eating pigeons at a hotel in Betiiah. In order to avoid any inconvenience to any Barati.

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