Facebook Quarter Results Wiped Out Mkt Cap Of 151 Billion Dollar

Facebook’s market cap decreases by Rs 8.65 lakh crore, shares and fall will be the record of the highest loss in one day


Facebook’s stock plunged by 20% in the after trading hours


Facebook shares closed 20% lower at the after trading hours on Wednesday at $ 173.50. Due to this, the company’s market cap decreased by 8.65 lakh crores ($ 126 billion). Stocks rolled up to 24% during the business. If there is a similar situation on Thursday when regular trading starts, then the biggest loss of one day in the history of the American stock market will be. Earlier, on September 2000, Intel had lost 6.25 lakh crores ($ 91 billion). In July 2012, Facebook shares fell 12% in one day.


The loss of Rs 8.65 lakh crore

The market cap of TCS, India’s largest company, is Rs 7.57 lakh crore. The value of the number two Indian company Reliance Industries is 7.07 lakh crores. The GDP of 128 nations in the world is less than Rs 7 lakh crore ($ 100 billion).


Reasons for Facebook Damage

Facebook announced the results April-June quarter on Wednesday, which is not good. In June, the number of users active in the country is 1.47 billion. The number of daily active users in the US and Canada in the company’s largest markets is 18.5 million. This figure was almost the same in June last year. In Europe, the deli user decreased by 1%. The revenues of the company rose 42% to $ 13.2 billion. These markets are less than expected by analysts. The analyst had estimated an estimated $ 13.3 billion. Company officials said that users may fall further in the next few months. After these announcements, the stock of the company declined sharply.


Zuckerberg’s wealth decreased by 1.15 lakh crore

The fall in Facebook’s shares reduced the net worth of company CEO Mark Zuckerberg to 1.15 lakh crore rupees ($ 16.8 billion). According to the Bloomberg Billionaire index, 435 of the world’s 500 wealth is less than 1.15 lakh crores. Zuckerberg is currently ranked third with the wealth of 5.94 lakh crores (86.5 billion dollars) in this index. The first is Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and the other is Microsoft’s Bill Gates.


Big loss of one day in US stock market


साल कंपनी मार्केट कैप में गिरावट
सितंबर 2000 इंटेल 91 अरब डॉलर
अक्टूबर 2008 एक्सन मोबिल 53 अरब डॉलर
जनवरी 2013 एपल 60 अरब डॉलर

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