Fifa World Cup 2018: Argentina Reach Most 5 Times In Penalty Shoot Out

FIFA: Argentina, who reached the penalty shootout at most 5 times, won 4 times; England never win


Italy won the only penalty shootout out of 4 in the 2006 final against France.


The Argentine team will enter into the 21st FIFA World Cup starting on Thursday as a strong contender. The 19.7% result in all knockout matches played since the 1978 World Cup has come from the penalty shootout. Argentina’s match reached the highest penalty shootout 5 times, in which it won 4. At the same time, England’s performance is the worst in this case. He had to play three penalty shootout thrice. Once upon a time, he was not able to win.


Argentina only defeated Germany in 2006


– Argentina suffered a defeat in the penalty shootout against Germany in 2006. The 2006 quarter-final match between the two teams was tied at 1-1 at the time. After that the German team defeated Argentina 4-2 in the penalty shootout.


– Earlier in Argentina two in 1990 and a match in 1998 was decided in the penalty shootout. On three occasions, he had won. In the last World Cup, the match between Argentina and Netherlands also went to the penalty shootout. Argentina also won the match in this match.


England’s worst performances


– Argentina has played the maximum of 5 penalty shootouts. After that Brazil played 4 and won 3. However, the England team played three penalty shootouts three times and lost three. Germany’s success rate in this case is 100%. He has made 4 of his 4 penalty shootouts.


– England beat West Germany 4-2 in 1990, Argentina defeated Argentina 3-1 in the 4-3 and quarter-finals of 2006 in Portugal. At the same time, this World Cup could not be reached. Italy also has a poor record in the penalty shootout. He won only 1 out of 4 matches. However, the same victory came in the final match against France in 2006.


Argentina in number one case


– Sergio Goeco of Argentina is the number one goalkeeper jointly save the most goals. In the penalty shootout, he has saved four goals. Sergio had stopped 2 shots against Slovakia and 2 against Italy in 1990.


Germany’s Herald Schumacher has also hit 4 shots. He saved two shots against Mexico in 2 1982 and against Mexico in 1982. Ricardo of Portugal and Taffarel of Brazil have saved 3-3 shots in the World Cup. Ricardo has the record of saving the most goals in a single match in the same name.

Maradona missed the penalty shootout in 1990


– Former Argentine captain Diego Maradona’s record penalty is not well in the shootout. Argentina played their first penalty shootout in the World Cup history against Yugoslavia in 1990. In which Maradona missed the goal. Yugoslavovka’s goalkeeper Tomislav Evokovich stopped his shot with a dive.


– During the World Cup, many star players miss the goal of the penalty shootout. Not able to score goals from Brazil’s Julio Sever to Wesley Schneider of Netherlands. Marcios Santos missed the final in 1994. However, the team became champion by winning the final.

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