Fifa World Cup 2018 Final France Vs Croatia Match Live News Updates

France Champion again 20 years later: defeated Croatia 4-2 in the final, making the first goal in every match to put pressure on the opposition


France’s Empapp and Greigman scored 1-1 in the final


France won the 21st Football World Cup. On Sunday, he defeated Croatia 4-2 in the finals played at the Luzinki Stadium in Russia. France is the world champion for the second time. Earlier, in the 1998 World Cup final, Brazil defeated Brazil 3-0. France retains the record of winning against Croatia in the World Cup career. In the 1998 semi-finals France also defeated Croatia 2-1. In this tournament, France scored the first goal in every match and put pressure on the opposition team. He won every match in 90 minutes. France did not allow any match, including the finals, to reach the extra-time or penalty shootout.


France’s 19-year-old Empuppe star emerged as a player After the match, Brazilian great footballer Pele congratulated him. At the same time, the French media said that the ampeppe is the New Century Pelé and Zidane. He did the same for the team, which was done by Pelé for Brazil in the 1958 finals and Zidane for France in the finals of 1998.


Round up to half time every 10 minutes


First goal of the match (18th minute): Croatia striker Mario Manzuich scored his own goal. France 1-0 ahead. In the seventh consecutive match, France scored the first goal and put pressure on the opposition team.


Second goal (28th minute): Croatian midfielder Ivan Perciich scored a domination at Domagos Vida’s Asist. Score 1-1 equal to Croatia got the same score after their last consecutive fourth match.


Third goal (38th): French striker Antoine Greizman converted the penalty into goal. France 2-1 ahead France got this chance due to the handball from Croatia.


After the first half: Fourth goal (59th minute): Paul Pogba put the rebound of the Grizzman into the goalpost. France 3-1 ahead This was the first goal in Pogo’s tournament.


Fifth goal (65th minute): Ambeppe scored a goal near Pogba. France 4-1 ahead There was a fourth round in the ambappe tournament.


Sixth goal (69th): After the mistake of French goalkeeper Hugo Loris, Croatia’s Manjukich scored the goal. Even after France 4-2 ahead

Pelé tweeted for the ambive

Ambeppe made France a 4-1 lead in the 65th minute. With this, he became the second youngest player to score in the final after 60 years of Pelé. Pelé won the team in 1958 against Sweden. Then his age was only 17 years. The age of the ambive is 19 years. Pelé also tweeted on this occasion. He wrote, “The second teenager who scored in the World Cup final. Welcome to the club It’s great to get a little together. ”


Not a single match in the tournament France

France played two wins and one draw in the three group stage matches. He defeated Australia 2-1 in the first match, and beat Peru 1-0 in the first match. The third match against Denmark was a draw. In the first match of the knockout round defeated Argentina 4-3. In the quarter-finals, they won 2-0 against Uruguay. Beat Belgium in the semi-finals 1-0. Become champion by defeating Croatia 4-2 in the finals.


Only 8 of the 23 team members in the team for more than 25 years

French coach Didier Deschamps took a dig at the young Biggard in choosing a team for the World Cup. 15 players from his team are 25 or less. The average age of his team is 25.5 years. At the same time, the average age of the Croatian team players is 27.5 years. Only 7 of his players are 25 or less.


Desechamps won as player and coach World Cup

When France won the World Cup in 1998, Didier Daschamps was in the team. He is now the coach of the current team. Desechamps is the world’s third such footballer, who became part of the World Cup champion team as a player and coach. Before him, Brazilian Mario Weslow and Germany’s Franz Beckenbauer won the World Cup as coach and player.


260 crores to the champion

France got 260 crores rupees. Runners-up Croatia received 192 million rupees and third place Belgium received 162 million rupees. In the 21st World Cup, there were 169 goals in 64 matches. This is the highest since 2014 and 1998. There were 171-171 goals in both World Cups. In the current World Cup, 109 players scored goals. The next World Cup will be held in Qatar in 2022. For the first time a country will host. The tournament will be for the first time between 21 November and 18 December.

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