FIFA World Cup 2018 : Football Championship Pretender Teams

FIFA: Every time a new champion was found in the last 5 World Cup, this time also 8 titles of the title


All teams have been analyzed on the basis of their World Cup records, their one year performance, ranking and their strength.


As the world cup is approaching. In the same way, there is a question emerging in the mind of the fans that who is this time champion? From the former footballer, all analyst groups are issuing their own estimates. Most people consider Brazil and Germany as the biggest contenders. This is followed by the number of Argentina and France. Belgian, Spain, Portugal and England are also considered to be the contender for the quarter-finals. FIFA, Gol Dot Com, The Telegraph, The Guardian and CIS website have analyzed all the teams’ World Cup records, their one-year performance, rankings and their strengths.


Brazilian legend Pele does not consider her country to be a contender


Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho, Colombia’s forward James Rodriguez, Indian captain Sunil Chhetri also released their estimates. However, Brazilian legends Pele do not consider her country to be a contender. He said that the Brazilian team is not looking balanced. Based on their analysis, these 16 teams from 8 groups can reach the pre-quarter. These 16 teams will play only 8 teams in the last quarter final.


Only 12 teams have reached the finals so far


– Only 24 teams can reach the top-4. Of these, only 12 teams have played finals and 8 are champions.

– 13 times reached the top-4. The current champion team of Germany. He has made 12 of these in the Top-3 position.

– 8 times Germany and 7 times Brazil reached the finals. Italy 6 and Argentina did this 5 times. The Brazilian names are 5 titles.


These 16 teams from 8 groups will reach the pre-quarterfinals

Group-A: Uruguay and Egypt

Ranking- Uruguay is the 14th and Egypt 45th teams. Host Russia is 70th and Saudi Arabia is 67th.


Form- Two-time champion Uruguay won nine out of 18 matches in the qualifying round. Whereas, Egypt has won 5 out of 7 matches. He played two draws in the last 5 friendly matches and lost three. But all these matches were from high ranking teams.



Group-B: Spain and Portugal

Ranking: Spain is at 10th and Portugal is fourth. Whereas, Iran is ranked 37th and Morocco is 41st.


Form- Spain played 10 matches in Group C in qualifying and won 9. 2 out of 5 friendly matches this year and a loser Portugal played 10 matches in the qualifying round and won 9. 2 out of 5 friendly matches and just one loser



Group-C: France and Denmark

Rankings- France are seventh and Danish is 12th. Peru 11th and Australia are ranked 36th.


Form- France played 10 matches in qualifying and won 7. 3 of the 5 friendly matches this year and 1 beat. Denmark played 10 matches in the qualifying round and won 6. She won 2 of this 5 friendly matches this year and only one beat


Group-D: Argentina and Croatia

Rankings- Argentina 5th and Croatia are ranked 20th. Iceland is 22nd and Nigeria is 48th.


Form- Argentina played 18 matches in the qualifying round and won 7. 3 out of 5 friendly matches and 1 beat. Croatia played 10 matches in the qualifying round and won 6. This year, 3 out of 3 friendly matches won and 1 beat.



Group-E: 5-time champions arrive in Brazil-Switzerland


Ranking: Brazil are second and Switzerland is at sixth place. Costa Rica is 23rd and Serbia is 34th.


Form- Brazil won 12 matches in the qualifying round. The team won all four friendly matches. Switzerland won 9 matches. The team won three friendly matches, having a draw



Group-F: Germany and Mexico

Ranking- Germany is at No. 1 Mexico 15th, Sweden 24th and the. Korea is at number 57.


Form- Germany did not lose a match in the qualifying round and won all 10 matches. The team scored a total of 43 goals. In the friendly match, the team won a match, while losing the match. Mexico won six matches and played three draws. 3 friendly matches, lost in two



Group-G: Belgium and England


Ranking: England is at 12th and Belgium is on third. Tunisia at 21st and Panama 55th.


Form- England won 8 out of 10 matches. Two draws Win two friendly matches, a loser Belgium won nine and played a competitive draw. Won two friendly matches, have a draw Group’s team Panama is taking part in the World Cup for the first time. The hope of reaching it in the next round is very low.


Group-H: Poland and Columbia

Ranking- Colombia is at number 16. Poland is 8th, Senegal is 27th and Japan is 61st.


Form- Columbia won 7 matches, played 6 draws. Lost in 5 Won a friendly match, two draws. Colombia’s team reached the quarter-finals in the last World Cup. James Rodriguez is his biggest star. Paland won 8, a draw and a beat Won a friendly match, a draw, a loser



Group-E: The hardest with 1881 points; Switzerland, Serbia, Brazil are in the group


– There is at least one ‘Group of Death’ at the World Cup each time. That is, three or four teams in that group are the claimants for the pre-quarterfinals. In 2014, not one, but two were considered as ‘Group of Death’.


– They were Group B (Spain, Netherlands, Chile, Australia) and Group D (England, Italy, Uruguay, Costa Rica). This time, according to the World Football ELO rating, Group E is the ‘Group of Death’. It has Brazil, Switzerland, Serbia, Costa Rica.


– World Football ELO is considered the most difficult group by giving 1881 rating points to this group. Group B (Spain, Portugal, Iran, Morocco) is second with 1879 rating points.

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