Fifa World CUP 2018 : Opening Ceremony And First Match Lives And Updates

World Cup: Host Russia defeated Saudi Arabia 5-0, win the second biggest win of the inaugural tournament in 88 years


In the 21-minute inaugural ceremony before the match, 32 jawans marched on 32 nations wearing jerseys.


The 21st Football World Cup started on Thursday in Russia. Inauguration ceremony began at 8.00 pm Indian time in Luzhanyiki Stadium. After this the first match was played between Russia and Saudi Arabia. Group A team Russia defeated Saudi Arabia 5-0. With this victory, she got 3 points. This is the second biggest victory of the inaugural bouts in the 88 year history of the World Cup. Earlier in 1934 Italy beat the United States by 7-1. With Russia’s victory, the continuation of losing the inaugural match of the host country in the 88-year history of the football World Cup continued. Host Russia’s ranking is 70 and Saudi Arabia is 67. The inaugural match of the World Cup was for the first time between the two lowest ranking teams.


– This is the first international goal of Gazinski and Cherriesew.


– Cherriesev became the first substituted player to score in the first match of the World Cup. In the 24th minute, he was replaced by the injured Allen Jigow. Subsequently, Dijuba, who came as Substitute, also scored a goal.


21-minute openings ceremony, presented by Pop Star Robbie Williams


– At the 21-minute inauguration ceremony, 32 couples marched with wearing 32 countries jerseys. Former Spain captain came on the field with the Casillas Trophy. Former Brazilian cricketer Ronaldo played football with the mascot Jabivaka. 500 artists including pop star Robbie Williams of England, singer Juan Diego Flores, Spanish opera singer Placido Domingo and Russian opera singer Girfullina present.


Brazil’s great footballer Pelé could not attend the ceremony due to lack of fitness.


After this, Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the ceremony. FIFA president Jianni Infante announced the official announcement of the World Cup.


– During this ceremony and match, 30 thousand soldiers were deployed in security. The fighter squadron was also ready to deal with the danger.

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