Fifa World Cup: France’s Team With 78.3% Of Refugee Families, 15.4% Of Croatian Players Born Outside The Country

Finalist: France’s 78.3% of the players from refugee families, 15.4% of Croatian children born abroad


The majority of the population in the Roman Catholic community spread across 56,000 square kilometers


France-Croatia teams will face face-to-face on Sunday in the final of the Football World Cup. Croatia is in the final for the first time. France reached the title after 20 years. The number of refugees in France’s population is 6.8 percent, but 78.3 percent of its team members are from refugee families. At the same time, there are also 15.4 percent of the players in Croatia who are of foreign origin. Croatian captain Luca Modritch grew up in a refugee camp.


An African-origin ambassador in France’s Top-2 round scorer

France has scored 10 goals so far in this World Cup. Of these, Antoine Greizman and Kilian Embuppe scored the most 3-3 goals. Ampappay was not born in France. His mother is Algerian and Father Cameron belongs to the original. The ampeppe team is the star player. He is also at the forefront of the Emerging Player race in this World Cup. Meanwhile, Samuel Goal, who scored for France, was born in Cameroon. 12 French players have been born in African countries. In the previous World Cup, Emerging Player Paul Pogba and Angolo Kante are also not originally from France.


Croatia’s players, sometimes refugees, scored 25%

There are 4 players from Croatia’s team with a population of just 40 million, who are born outside the country. These include Ivan Rakitich and Matteo Kovacchich. Rukitich’s Switzerland and Kovacich have been born in Austria. Luka Modrich and some of his teammates also saw bloody conflicts in childhood. Because of the conflict over the country’s independence, his childhood went through refugee camps. It is said that they started from there to play football. Croatia has scored 12 goals in 6 matches in this World Cup. In this, Modrich scored 2 and Rakitich scored one goal.

26% of European teams from refugee families

32 teams play in this World Cup. Of these, 14 teams were from Europe. Of the 322 players, 83 are from refugee families. France with the most refugees is France. Belgian immigrants constitute 12.1 percent of the population. Germany is number two. There are 11.3 percent of the population of immigrants, while 39.1 percent of the German team is from immigrant families.

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