Fifa World Cup: Quarter Final Match, Preview, Live, News And Updates

FIFA: France-Uruguay, Brazil-Belgium quarter-finals today; A former world champion decides to be out


Uruguay has been a world champion in the 1930s, 1950s, France 1998 and Brazil 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002.


The football World Cup quartet will compete against eight teams arriving in the final to be held on Friday and Saturday in the last 4. 2-2 matches will be played both days. 4 of these teams have ever been a world champion. The quartet final matches will be played between these four on Friday. First match will be played between France and Uruguay, second – Belgian and Brazil. It is clear that two of these teams will reach the semifinals, i.e. the end of at least one pre-World Champion will be over after July 6.


This time the lowest goal against Uruguay

France and Uruguay defeated the team of veteran players and reached the quarter-finals. Uruguay defeated Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal in the pre-quarterfinals. France defeated Argentine Lionel Messi. This match will be a test of strong defenses of both teams. Uruguay has not lost a single match so far and has just scored one goal. It was invincible France, but he played a match draw in this World Cup.


It is doubtful to play injured Kawani

The biggest concern for Uruguay is that his striker Edison Kawani is injured in two goals against Portugal. He had to get out of the ground because he was injured in the pre-quarterfinals. Whether it will play in the quarter-final or not, it is unclear now. Choosing his option for coach Oscar Tabrez will be difficult. There is a disadvantage to Uruguay because of Kawani that the effective partner of the team’s second big star, Louise Suarez, will not be in the match. This thing can weaken Suarez too. In the last match, Kawani scored goals with Suarez’s help.


France prepares for tough test of defense

The strength of Uruguay is its strong defense, which prompted a player like Ronaldo to go to the penalty area. The defiance will be the challenge of stopping the French Antoine Greizman, Kylian Embuppe, Paul Pogo, Angoolo Kante. At the same time, France’s defense had tied a player like Messi. However, he was able to score a goal, but he could not play it openly. France’s Samuel Umpi and Rafael Varan can be difficult to stop the attack of Uruguay. One concern for France in this match is that what he did on the field instead of Blasay Matidei. Mataidi will not be able to play in this match due to suspension.


Will there be another World Cup for Brazil?

Brazil again proved that with William, Gabriel, Neymar and Philip Koutinho, they can deal with any threat. However, midfield is still a problem for them. In the pre-quarterfinals, Brazil had to fight a lot in the half-time against Mexico in order to take the ball into its possession. Belgian is Eden Hejard of Chelsea, Manchester City’s Kevin de Bruyne and Manchester United’s Romelu Lukaku. These players have the ability to reverse at any time. In 2014, Belgium, who reached the quarter-finals, has so far scored the maximum of 12 goals in this World Cup. He came back after losing two goals against Japan, and won the title of Nessar Chadli in 90 + 4th minute. He is the first team in 48 years to win the World Cup knockout round after scoring two goals.


Belgium will beat Brazil for the first time in the World Cup?

Brazil and Belgium are face to face for the 5th time. In the previous 4 out of 4 out of 4 competitions, Brazil has won 1 in Belgium and 1 in Belgium. The two teams played in the 2002 World Cup for the last time against each other. Then Brazil won the 2-0 win and made it to the quarter-finals. Brazil have reached the quarter-finals with 3 consecutive wins. The Belgium team also came here with 4 consecutive wins. In the last World Cup, he was successful in winning 4 consecutive matches. Brazil has reached the quarter-finals since 1994. Belgium, for the first time, has been able to make it to the quarter-finals in two consecutive World Cups. The performance against Belgian South American teams in the World Cup has been poor. He has met 7 times South American teams, out of which he won 2, defeated 4 and scored a draw.

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