Fifa World cup 2018 : 4th Match Portugal Vs Spain Live And Updates

Ronaldo, the oldest player to have hat-tricks in the World Cup, draws Spain from winning the win


This is 51st hatrick of Ronaldo’s career. It is also the 51st hat-trick of the Football World Cup.


Between Portugal-Spain, Friday, at the Olympic Stadium, Group B’s match ended 3-3. Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal put the first hat-trick of this World Cup He became the third player in the country to have hat-tricks in the World Cup and the world’s oldest footballer. Ronaldo scored in the fourth, 44th and 88th minutes of the match.


1) Ronaldo’s age is 33 years and 131 days. He has become the world’s oldest player in the World Cup hat-trick in the World Cup. Prior to him, the record for the highest age of hatrick was the name of Rob Rensenbrink of the Netherlands. He had hat-tricks in the 1978 World Cup at 30 years 336 days.


2) It was 51st hatrick in the history of football world cup. Only the 2006 World Cup was such that no single footballer could have found a hat-trick.


3) Ronaldo has scored 84 goals in international football matches with this hat-trick. They have now jointly become the most goalscorer player in Europe with Ferrank Puskas of Hungary.


Turning Point:

Spain was 3-2 ahead of the match for the 87th minute. It seemed that they would win the match. However, in the 86th minute Spain’s defender Gerald PK threw Ronaldo down the leg. After this the referee gave Portugal a free kick. Captain Ronaldo bowled the free kick in the 88th minute and put the ball in the goalpost. With this goal, Portugal made a comeback in almost the loser match and draws the match.


Ronaldo scored the first goal with penalty: Ronaldo fell into the goalpost area due to the footsteps of Spanish player Nacho at the beginning of the match. The referee gave Penalty to Portugal on this. Ronaldo roamed the spot, making the first goal of the match in the fourth minute. For Spain, Diego Costa scored the 24th and 52nd minute and the nacho scored in the 55th minute.


Both teams made 3-3 changes during the match: both teams were seen face-to-face for the first time since 2010. In the 70th minute Spain made Thiago in place of Andrei Iniesta, in the 77th minute Iago Espace in place of Diego Costa, and in 86th minute, instead of David Silva, Lukas was sent to the field. In the 68th minute, Mario replaced Fernandes, Carrizma in place of Bernardo in the 69th minute and Andre Silva in place of Guedez in the 80th minute.


World Champion team members were Ramos

A day before the tournament began, Spain dismissed the main coach Julien Loptegai. Game director Fernando Hierro was given this responsibility. Sergio Ramos of Spain played a key role in making his team a world champion in 2010. Andrei Iniesta, who scored in the World Cup finals, is also in the current team of Spain. Both have already told that this is their last World Cup. Real Madrid, led by Ramos, won the Champions League this year. Ronaldo scored the most goals in the Champions League.


Results of Saturday’s other bouts

Group Auerugue beat Egypt 1-0

Group Bisiran beat Morocco 1-0

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