Fifa Worldcup 2018 : Brazil Vs Switzerland Group E Match Live And Updates

Brazil did not win their first match for the first time in 40 years, Switzerland scored a 1-1 draw


Both teams were face-to-face in the World Cup after 68 years. In 1950 also, the fight between the two was tied at 2-2.


In the World Cup, on Sunday, Brazil and Switzerland missed the second match of Group E with a 1-1 draw. In the past 40 years, Brazil did not win their opening match for the first time in the World Cup. Although he was consistently able to maintain his record of not losing his first match in the 19th World Cup. This is not the first time that Germany, Brazil and Argentina have not won their opening match in the World Cup. Argentina played 1-1 draw with their first match against Iceland. Germany’s team lost 0-1 to Mexico.


First goal: Brazilian Philipp Koutinho hit the ball in the 20th minute from the outside of the box. It seemed that the ball would miss the Swiss goalpost, but luck was with Brazil. The ball collided with the ball and fell inside the goalpost instead of going out.


Second goal: In the 50th minute, Shakira of Switzerland took a kick from the corner and brought the ball to the goalpost. Already there, Switzerland’s Zubair scored a goal through the headers of Brazil’s Miranda on the shoulder. On this shot, Brazil appealed the referee VAr, but it was declared a goal.


Match records


– Walon Behariyan became the first player to play 4 World Cups for Switzerland.

– Brazil had won their opening matches in the last 9 World Cups, but this time the order breaks.

– After losing to West Germany in 1966, Switzerland was unbeatable in its 5th match.


Switzerland’s Stephen meets first yellow card


– The match’s first yellow card was shown in the 32nd minute by the referee of Stefan Liechtenner of Switzerland. After that, his country’s Faber Abstract got 65th and Walon Behrami got yellow card in the 68th minute. He called the team management back in the 71st minute and sent Zakaria to the field. In the 80th minute Emberbo replaced Ceperovic and in the 87th minute landed on the Lange ground instead of Liechtenner.


In the 60th minute, Brazil put Fernando in place of Cesemero and Aguesto in place of Paulinho in the 67th minute and in the 79th minute to send the fieldmen to the field instead of Jesses. Earlier, in the 47th minute, Kesmero got yellow card.


68 years ago both teams were on the draw on the draw


– This was the second match between the two teams in the World Cup. Earlier, in 1950, the match was 2-2 draws. Brazil has been the champion for the most 5 times in this World Cup. He has not lost one of the group stage matches in the last 12 World Cups.


Brazil lost just one match in the last 22 matches


– Brazil have won 16 of their 19 first matches. The last time Spain defeated Spain 3-1 in 1934 Under coach Mitchell, only one of the last 22 games is lost. Talking about Switzerland, he was earlier topped in the 2006 group stage competition. Switzerland is participating in the World Cup for the 11th time. She won 11 out of 34, while 16 were losers. He has been successful in drawing 7 copies.


Results of other matches on 17th June


– Serbia beat Costa Rica 1-0 in the first match of Group E.

– Mexico defeated Germany 1-0 in the first match of Group F

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