Fifa Worldcup 2018 Russia Vs Uruguay Live And Updates

FIFA: Uruguay won all the stages of the Group Stage for the first time in the World Cup, defeating hosts Russia 3-0


Only Luis Suarez and Edison Kawani of Uruguay have scored in three World Cups for their country.


On Monday, Uruguay defeated host Russia 3-0 in Group A of World Cup. With this he reached the top of his group. This is the first time in World Cup history that Uruguay’s team did not lose any matches in the group stage. In this match Suarez scored in the 10th minute for him. Uruguay’s second goal was in the 23rd minute thanks to the suicidal goal of Russia’s Cherishchev. Edison Kawani scored the goal in the 90th minute. This is his first goal in this World Cup. Uruguay did not score any goals in the group stage and also won three matches. Prior to this, in the 1998 World Cup Argentina had won all three matches without losing.


In this match, 8 years after Uruguay, Suarez scored a direct goal with a free kick. Earlier in 2010, Diego Forlan did this against Ghana. In this match, Russia’s Cherrieshaw scored a self-destructive goal. Cherishove has also scored 3 goals in 3 matches. In the 1998 World Cup, there were 6 suicidal goals. This time, during the group stage encounters, six suicidal goals have been made.


Smolnikov, out of the match after getting two yellow cards


– In the 9th minute of the match, yellow cards were shown to Russia’s Gazinski. In the 27th minute after Gazinski, Smolnikov received yellow cards. Smolnikov got the second yellow card in the 36th minute. After which he had to go out of the ground. Russia’s team played with 10 players in the entire match after 36 minutes. Russia sent Fernandez to the field in the 38th minute to replace Cherishov. Immediately after Half Time, after making the second change, in the 46th minute, Gaziński replaced Kujiev on the field. After Gazinski, Russians sent Smolov to the ground in the 60th minute instead of Anton Mirancuch.


– Rodrigo Bantancer of Uruguay got yellow cards for the 59th minute. After Uruguay replacing them, he sent Araseta to the ground in the 63rd minute. After Bantanakar, Uruguay brought Rodriguez to the ground in the 73rd minute instead of Nandes. After 90 minutes, Uruguay sent Gomez to the ground in place of goal scorer Edison Kawani.

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