First Lunar Eclipse On 31 January 2018

31 is the first eclipse of the year, know how it will be for you



The first lunar eclipse of 2018 is occurring on January 31. While the last and second moon day of the year will be on July 27.


The first lunar eclipse of 2018 is occurring on January 31. While the last and second moon day of the year will be on July 27. This full moon eclipse will take place on Magh Shukla Purnima, which will be visible in India including North East Europe, Asia, Australia, North West Africa, North America, Northwest South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Arctic, Antarctica. The Indian time, which begins in the evening at approximately 5.55 pm, will end at around 8.00 pm. This way the eclipse period will be 2 hours and 45 minutes. Before the eclipse will start in Chandrayaad in East India, Assam, Nagaland, Mizoram, Sikkim and East Bengal region. Therefore, in these regions, the lunar eclipse will be seen in full form.


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Know how it will be on your zodiac –


Aries – With the effect of this eclipse you can get success in job and business. There can be major benefits in job advancement and business.


Taurus – The ominous effect of this eclipse will not remain on the Taurus. So this eclipse can be called auspicious. You may be suddenly benefited during eclipse. It will help people working with or around the neighborhood. The day is right for those employers and business people.


Gemini – people with blood money must be careful. The ominous effect of this eclipse will remain on your zodiac sign. So you can get financial loss, so take financial matters seriously. There can be tension about a particular matter. The journey can be done with the necessary work, but it may not benefit you.


Cancer – The ominous effect of this eclipse can be on your zodiac sign. There may be injuries, accidents or illness. Be careful when driving. Do not take risks in essential activities. Avoid hasty.


Leo – This eclipse can cause loss of money. There may be an ominous effect on your zodiac sign. Which can increase your tension and expenses. There is a possibility of any kind of conflict or dispute in the family too. There is likely to be an economic loss. Your tension can increase due to wasteful things.


Virgo – The ominous effect of eclipse will not be on this amount. Stars will get together. Sudden funding benefits are becoming yoga. Courage and success may increase. Time will be with the family. Small travel can be a trip.


Libra – The effect of eclipse on your zodiac is not good. Success may require much effort. Your problems can also increase in domestic life. Be careful in health matters. You may be scared of something in your mind.


Scorpio – The Scorpio Zodiac may have to face problems due to the inauspicious effect of Scorpio-eclipse. Obstacles may come in the work. Can be trapped in the quagmire of controversy. Do not be afraid of luck. In some cases you will not be able to get along with luck.


Sagittarius – This eclipse will be mixed for you. You can get some sort of challenge in the workplace, be careful. Money can be beneficial, but your expenses can also increase. Avoid illegal acts, otherwise the difficulties can increase.


Capricorn – The unlucky effect of Capricorn eclipse will be more on your daily work and your spouse’s life. There may be obstacles in the job or business. Yoga is also becoming a source of wealth loss. Relationship between life partner can cause bitterness. The totals of differences are becoming. Be careful also about the health.


Aquarius – Alas, your health and money can have an inauspicious effect on this eclipse. Yoga is also being made of money loss and extra-hard work. Be careful about health too.


Pisces – The bad effect of Pisces-eclipse will remain on your zodiac. This can increase your expenses. You may have to do extra work in the job and business. There is a possibility of expenditure and losses. Do not leave any work incomplete.

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