Floor Test To Be Held On On 24 May In Karnataka Vidhan Souhda.

Kumar will now be the master of Karnataka: 9-party leaders will be present in the oath taking of CM-Deputy CM, floor test tomorrow


12 JDS MLAs and 22 Congress MLAs will be in the Cabinet in Karnataka.


Janata Dal Secular (JDS) MLA’s leader HD Kumaraswamy will take oath as the 24th Chief Minister of Karnataka at 4:30 pm on Wednesday. Apart from Kumar as the Deputy Chief Minister, the God of Congress will also take oath. The Speaker of the Assembly will also be a Congressman, the post will be held by KR Ramesh Kumar. Another special feature of this swearing-in is the potential anti-Modi front in 2019. At present, this front has 122 Lok Sabha seats in the country. Kumaraswamy will prove majority in the Karnataka assembly on the next day ie, on oath of oath, and after that the divisions of ministers will also be split. According to Congress leader KC Venugopal, the 12:22 formula on the cabinet has been fixed, that means 12 ministers will belong to JDS and 22 Congress.


TRS chief with 11 Lok Sabha seats got before taking oath


– Telangana National Committee chief and Telangana Chief Minister KC Rao met HD Kumaraswamy in Bangalore on Tuesday before taking oath.
Rao said that due to the collector’s conference in Hyderabad, he could not join the swearing-in, so he had already met Kumaraswamy and conveyed his best wishes.


12:22 formula fix for cabinet

– KC Venugopal said that the consent of the Cabinet-JDS on the 22:12 formula has been agreed on the Cabinet. That means 22 of the 34 ministers will be from the Congress and 12 JDS. Among them are the Chief Minister. The division of the departments will be proved after the trust.


The big challenge to run coalition government – Kumaraswamy

– Kumaraswamy said on Tuesday that running the Congress-JDS coalition government is a big challenge for his life. I do not think that as chief minister, I will be able to fulfill my responsibilities easily.


– Kumaraswamy had come to Darshan in Sringeri Math before taking oath. He said that not only me, the people of the state are also worried about whether this government will be able to run in the normal course or not. But, I believe that everything from Shardambe and Sringeri Jagatguru’s blessings will be all right.

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