Football Worldcup 2018 Opening Ceremony Today In Russia

Football World Cup from today: 80 thousand viewers, 30,000 soldiers deployed in security, will be present at the inaugural ceremony


32 teams are participating in the World Cup. They are divided into 8 groups of 4-4.


The Football World Cup will start on Thursday in Russia. The preparations for the opening ceremony in Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium have been completed. 500 artists will present themselves at this stadium with a capacity of 80 thousand viewers. At the same time, 30 thousand security forces will be deployed in the security. The fighter squadron will also be ready to deal with any situation. In the opening Ceremonies, the great Brazilian footballer Pelé will not be able to get involved due to poor health. However, his compatriot Ronaldo will be present here.



Pop Star Robbie Williams Will Present


– England’s pop star Robbie Williams and Spain’s opera singer Plasido Domingo will be the center of attraction at the opening ceremony. Apart from this, Singer Juan Diego Flores and Russian Opera Singer Gerfullina will also make their presentations.


32 teams divided into 8 groups


– 32 teams are participating in the World Cup. They are divided into 8 groups of 4 to 4.


– 2-2 teams from every group will reach the knockout stage. Iceland and Panama are debuting in the World Cup. The World Cup Video Referral System is being adopted for the first time.


No host lost in inaugural match


– No host country has ever lost the inaugural match in the World Cup history.


– While playing the Soviet Union, Russia played the inaugural match of the World Cup in Mexico in 1970. This match was a draw.


How Russia and Saudi Arabia perform in the World Cup


– Russia: Russia’s team reached the semi-finals in 1966. After this, however, the team’s performance continued to drop. In 2006, Russia was unable to qualify for the World Cup and in 2014 the team was out of the group stage. Russia has not won a single match in the World Cup since 2002.


– Saudi Arabia: The team could not make the place in the World Cup in 2010 and 2014. The best performance in this tournament in Saudi Arabia was in 1994, when the team reached the pre-quarterfinals. For the time being, Saudi Arabia has not won a single match in this tournament since 1998.




– Russia: Egor Ekinfiev, Mario, Fernández, Fedor Kudryashov, Sergei Ignshaw, Yuri Zirkov, Roman Zobanin, Dollar Kuzyayev, Alan Dajgov, Alexandre Semdov, Alexandre Golovin, Fedor Samolov.


– Saudi Arabia: Abdullah Al-Muhuf, Osama Havasawi, Omar Hawsawi, Yasir al-Shahrani, Mohammed Al-Barik, Abdullah Otiff, Salman al-Faraj, Yahya Al Shihari, Tausir al-Jasim, Salem al-Dosari, Fahad Al-Molad

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