For The First Time In MP India, Two Children Die From A Japanese Fever

For the first time in MP India, two children die from a Japanese fever, what is the Japanese fever? How to Avoid?


For the first time in Japanese, two children die from a Japanese fever, what is the Japanese fever? How to Avoid?


Two children died due to Japanese encephalitis fever at Hamidia Hospital in Bhopal, MP. For the first time, after the death of two children from JE fever in Bhopal, the health department has issued an alert. In addition, the doctors of all nursing hams have instructed the children suffering from colds, coughs and fever, from the JE guideline. District Malaria Officer Akhilesh Dubey told that the Japanese fever is caused by the bite of the culex mosquito. This fever has the highest incidence of children. In order to control the infection of this disease in Bhopal, 16 anti-larva survey teams have been formed. These teams will complete the door-to-door survey by identifying the culex mosquito and larvicite and eliminate larvae of mosquitoes.


Identification symptoms


Light fever with headache.


High fever, headache due to infection increases


Neck stiffness, body cramps, mental inactivity


Patient dullness Trouble breathing



Caution of Japanese Fever


Stay clean


Avoid contact with dirty water


Due to not getting water near the houses, especially in the rainy season keep food better for the children


In children, these diseases are more visible, so try the children to wear whole clothes so that their body is covered.


Avoid mosquitoes, Do not forget to use hit at home

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