Former IIT Students Form Political Party To Work For Backward Class Bahujan Azad Party

50 alumni of IITs formed political party, Candidate to be removed in 2020 Bihar Assembly elections


The students have formed a party for the backward class, named it Bahujan Azad Party.


In order to raise voice of the backward castes in the country, 50 alumni of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) have quit their job and formed a political party. The group, which is waiting for approval from the Election Commission, has named its party ‘Bahujan Azad Party’ (BAP). Naveen Kumar, the party’s chief, says that all the people in our party are graduates from different IITs of the country and all have left their jobs.

2019 election does not target

– Navin Kumar, who completed his 2015 education from IIT Delhi, said that party members do not want to contest the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. He said, “We do not want to finish any work in haste as a small party. We will start the Bihar assembly elections in 2020 and then we will target the next Lok Sabha election. ”


Most of the members of the party are from backward class

– Most of the members of the party belong to the Backward or Backward Classes, who believe SC-ST and OBC communities are not fully entitled in education and employment sector.


Campaign launched on social media

– The party has started its campaign on social media. Pictures of Bhimrao Ambedkar, Subhash Chandra Bose and APJ Abdul Kalam have also been posted in the poster.


– Kumar said, “Once our party’s registration is complete, we will start working at the grass root level for target groups by making small units. We do not want to present ourselves as an opponent of any political party or ideology. ”


Founder member Akhilesh Bole – Seeing a caste in IIT, a big project


– The founder member of Bahujan Azad Party (BAP) Akhilesh also talked about discrimination against backward class students in IIT. Akhilesh said that the need for this party was felt only during the studies in IIT. All students here have no equal right. Those who get admission from the reservation do not have good dealings with them. They are not given big projects. Before the 1990s, it would be known that despite the reservation, the children of the backward class were not in IIT.


Tickets for people aged 25 to 40


– Akhilesh said that his party will not do politics in the name of backwardness. They will give their rights to the backward. Young people from 25 to 40 years of age will be their candidates. Their party will make OBC, SC, ST and women as their candidates. Those who have criminal cases registered, they will not get the ticket.


Publicity in the Social Media


– Members of this organization are mainly from SC, ST and OBC category. They believe that the backward classes have not got the rightful right in terms of education and employment. The party has started publicizing social media by photographing many other leaders including Bhimrao Ambedkar, Subhash Chandra Bose and APJ Abdul Kalam.


– Kumar said, “Once we register, we will create small units of the party which will start working at the grassroots level. We do not want to present ourselves as a rival of any political party. ‘


IIM’s Himanshu says – this dirty politics


– Students of IIT-ISM have formed an organization called Jan Sansad. People’s Parliament is angry with Bahujan Azad party leaders about discrimination in IIT. In the founding members of the Jana Parishad, one Himanshu Mishra said that the caste of students is not asked in institutions like IIT. He is a student of Final Year of IIT ISM and has not yet known the caste of many associates.

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