Girl Refuse To Marry After Father Beaten By Groom Side People

Seeing the dawas on his father’s hand, an angry bride came and said, Now no marriage


The father said – I kept on pleading that I would give the bike after marriage, but they kept giving me abuses.


There was a fierce clash between the people and the boys after the dispute over not giving a bike to a dowry in a barrage on Monday in the Pukhras of Kanpur country. The police reached the notice to calm the two sides. In the meanwhile, the bride running and refused to marry. The girl said, ‘take back the baraat. Those who can not respect my parents, I can not live with them. ‘ After this, the barat returned without a bridegroom. Bike did not give up, so give up the litterous abuses.


According to the information, Arvind Vishwakarma, living in Jalna, had arranged the daughter’s marriage to Ranjeet living in Pukhora of Kanpur country.


– All the guests were welcomed in a guest house here. Due to the procedure of door movement, it was only that the groom’s father demanded a list of dowry from the girl’s father. Indeed, due to the shortage of money, the girl’s father could not buy the bike. He talked of giving boy’s father after marriage.


– Arvind said, “Among the hundreds of relatives I touched the feet of my father’s father and kept talking about giving a bike after marriage, but the boy’s brother was giving me abuses.”

Then Pandal got transformed into the battlefield

– “When my relatives refused to plead with me and protested against abuses, then boys and girls started fighting.”


– It is being told that in a short time Pandal jung turned into a battlefield. People started attacking each other with chairs. The food also spread on the floor in this quarrel.


– In the meantime someone informed the police. Then somehow the matter got settled. But the girl refused marriage.


– The girl said – ‘I came to know that my father has been raised on my father because of dowry, I refused marriage. The boys also came to explain to me, but I told them that they can not get married at any cost now.

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