Golden Glove And Ball For The Champion Team Player 10 Times In The World Cup

The Golden Glove and the Golden Ball, won the team of Top Goal Scorers 5 times for the champion team player 10 times in the World Cup.


In 2014, Lionel Messi of Argentina received the Golden Ball but his team lost in the final.


The football World Cup, which started June 14, will end on July 15 with the final match between France and Croatia at Luzniki Stadium. In these 30 days, many old records broke, but some things did not change this time too. England’s Harry Kane, the strongman of the Golden Boot, came out in the semifinals. Only 5 of the 20 World Cups have been the team champions of the highest goalscorer champions. Luca Modrico of Croatia who reached the finals and Kylieen Embuppe of France are at the forefront of the Golden Ball race. So far 10 winners of the World Cup have received the Golden Ball. In the goalkeepers, Hugo Loris of France and Daniel Sobasich of Croatia are the claimants of Golden Glove. In this also 10 champion team players got the golden glove.


The team that won the Golden Ball for 20 years did not become the champion

Even though 10 champions in the World Cup have gone to golden balls, but the winner of the last 5 World Cups could not achieve it. They lost 4 times in the final and 1 times the Golden Ball winners’ team in the semifinals. The last time Brazil’s Romario won this award in 1994 and his team won the finals. At the same time, in the last 5 World Cup 4 times, Golden Glove became the team champion of winning. In 2002, German goalkeeper Oliver Kane got Golden Glove but the team lost.


Awarded by the players since 1982

Name of the Best Player Award for the World Cup in the 1982 Golden Ball. The highest scorer in the tournament was awarded the Golden Shoe from 1982. The name has been changed to Golden Boot in 2010. No award was given to top scorer before 1982, only the name was announced. The best goalkeeper in the World Cup also got award from 1994. Then its name was Yashin Award. Named after the Golden Glove Award in 2010.

This time, in the group stage, there were fewer goals per match than in 2014

In the 2014 World Cup, the group stage was 2.8 goals per match. However, this number has dropped to 2.5 this time. Although it is more than the 2010 World Cup. Then there were only 2.1 rounds per match. This time, the number of goals in the engine time after the end of the scheduled time is 16. This is more than the last two World Cups. In 2010, 4 and 2014, 9 goals were made in time. The teams who have crossed the group stage this time have an average of 520 matches per match. While in 2014 it was 446. At the same time the teams who went out of the group stage were 430 at the passing average. It is 19 less than the previous World Cup.

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