GST rate cut electronics kitchen appliances leather items footwear get cheaper

Check out the GST rate, every shopping bill, today, the shopkeeper is not cheating you


GST rate cut applicable from today; TV-Fridge up to 8% will be cheap


Durable consumer goods such as TVs, fridges and vacuum cleaners have become cheaper by 7-8%. The Council, headed by Finance Minister Piyush Goyal, decided to reduce the 28% GST to 18% on these items. On July 21, GST Council announced tax deduction for 88 goods and services.


You are not sure about the rate

With the introduction of the new rate, there is a lot of confusion in the minds of the people about how much GST can take on the product, by taking advantage of that, a shopkeeper or a restaurant owner may also charge you more GST or give you fake bills. In this case, you can identify every GST bill that is real or fake. We are talking about it in detail today.


These products will look at 28 percent tax

This tax slab now has digital camera, video recording, dishwashing machines and automobiles with AC. Apart from this, products like Cement, Automobile Parts, Tire, Yacht, Aircroft, Arated Drink, Tanku, etc., in this list, Pan Masala are kept in this list. Now there are only 35 items left in the 28% tax slab, the tax rate has been applied on the rest of the product which has been removed from this list.


5% GST on these items

Tailoring Service, Mehndi Paste, Coffee, Ite & Snow, Bio Gas, Insulin, Kites, Walnuts, Sari’s Fall, Some Fabrics, Postage Stamps, Fiber Products, Branded Snacks, Ayurvedic Medicines, Unani Medicines, Homeopathic Medicines, Plastic Vest , Rubber vest, mat, idli and dasea batteries, fishing net, 5% GST on airtight tires and fly ash.

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