Hair Transplant Procedure, Cost, Effects

Hair transplant, what is a hair transplant, whole process and expenditure


As a substitute for baldness, Hair Transplant has emerged as a popular method.


Due to the new lifestyle or genetic reasons, nowadays the problem of baldness has increased. As a substitute for baldness, Hair Transplant has emerged as a popular method. This is a process under which the body is planted from the other part of the head and in the head where the hair is not grown.

Hair transplant has become quite popular in India in the past two decades. Earlier only celebrities used to do hair transplants and the cost was also quite high. But with the introduction of new techniques, Hair Transplant has been cheap and accessible, with the help of ordinary people can also get rid of baldness.


Let’s know how hair transplants happen


How To Make Hair Transplant


Hair transplant is a surgical method under which there is thick hair in the back or side of the head, from where it is grown, it is planted in the area where there is no hair. This process takes eight to ten weeks and this surgery is done only by specialist doctors. Doctors say that due to lack of hair on some individuals, their chest and beard hair can also be planted on the head. But usually it is the practice of planting head hair in others.


What is the method of hair transplant


For a hair transplant, a surgery of five to six hours is done in a week under which some hair transplants are done in the head of the person. In the same way, fixed hair graft is done in many times. Experts giving anesthesia in these surgeries, as well as specialists of other devices are also present. If the person who has a hair transplant has any kind of disease then he is already known and he is transplanted to the hair by keeping it in mind.


FUT method (strip process)

1. The entire history of the hair of the person is read, why the hair disappeared, it is also studied.
2. The area of ​​baldness is deficient.
3. Donor area (from which to take hair) is also defined.
4. A long strip of hair is removed from the donor area under surgery
5. In the area of ​​baldness, it is planted with the help of strip stitches.
6. Implant area is applied after the implant, which is opened after one day.
7. In the donor area, soluble stitches are also applied which recover in a few days.


FUE Hairline Grafting (Folicic Process)

Hairline grafting is also a method of hair transplant. If the hair in the front of the head is less then it can not be cured by using strip technique. In such a case, one hair is carefully grafted. It also takes seven to eight hours of time and the patient is unconscious. But the advantage of this process is that it does not have any stitches or marks on the head. Even the patient does not feel that surgery has happened.


What is the effect of Hair Transplant


Doctors say that the head is seen in the head for two weeks after transplantation. New hair starts to come from two weeks to three weeks in the affected area of ​​baldness. These hairs are all natural and same color as other hair. In two to three weeks small tiny hair comes which later becomes taller and finish baldness. Its beauty is that these hair grow strongly like head hair and pancakes grow in the skin of the head and grow from the head throughout life.


How much does the hair transplant cost?


As far as strip method is concerned, a hair grafting costs 30 to 40 rupees. Apart from this, the cost of seating and other equipment is also added. On the other hand, Advance Technology i.e. Foolin Method (FUT) comes in the cost of grafting 50-60 rupees per child.



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